He Loves Me

A love story about Beau and Daniel this isn't your normal love story then again life itself is not normal.


1. Our Little Secret

I had never been in love before. I mean u had been in love but not this way and surely not with a guy that was my bestfriend. I was in love with Daniel Sahyounie. Daniel was my bestfriend, my co-singer and my bro. He was so freaking sexy like oh my heavens. I usually never fall in love but this was different. He was always so nice to me. When I would feel someones eyes on me I look around and my eyes meet with Daniel and I blush. His eyes are perfect. After he stares at me I have to stare back and when he looks at me I just crack a smile. He is my everything.

One day I was alone working on my song trying memorize my part and Daniel walked in. He was semi-naked he only had his boxers I couldn't help but stare. When he looked back I looked down at my work and he turned his head back. I stared again. I took off my shirt and continued to read. It had been the middle of summer and it was hot and the ACs hadn't been working for sometime. I took off my pants and walked to my window. As i put my fingers on the frame I felt two arms wrap around my body. The had locked in front of my chest. I looked over my shoulder and saw Daniels face. He rested his head on my shoulder and looked out the window. He said "Look at that view Beau. It's beautiful." He kissed me cheek and I couldn't hold myself back. I turned around and pulled him close to my body and kissed him and he kissed back. In between breathes he would say "Beau I love you." I would reply with "But Daniel I love you more." I picked him up and he wrapped his legs around me and I walked towards my bed and sat down. We continued to kiss. Then some asshole knocked on my door and Daniel climbed off me and sat down. I walked toward the door and opened it to see Jai.

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