He Loves Me

A love story about Beau and Daniel this isn't your normal love story then again life itself is not normal.


3. Its Okay

The water was running when I heard the door open. I paid very little attention to it though. Then I heard the faucet running. Someone was brushing their teeth. I was tempted to look out the curtain but I didn't. Then I heard the shower curtain open and close. Daniel stepped in and looked at me and asked if he would use the water. We shared the shower and a few kisses. When we got out we were laughing at each other. I walked over to my window to open it and then to my closet to get some clothes

Once I got my boxers on I felt Daniel kissing my neck and I wasn't in to mood at the time. Then as I was putting on my shorts when Daniel was in front of me and kissing me. Then I put my arms around him and sat on my bed where he put his legs around my waist. He was kissing me until he was laying on top of me. He took off my pants and was going for my boxers when I grabbed his hand and held both of them. We moved up to the head of the bed. He was kissing me more and more and I was getting kinda freaked out because I had never had anything like this before well at least not with a guy.

I couldn't breathe I pushed him off and began panicking I just broke down into tears. I wanted this but I didn't.

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