He Loves Me

A love story about Beau and Daniel this isn't your normal love story then again life itself is not normal.


8. Dimmer light

(Back to Beau by the way)

When I woke up I saw Daniel sitting in the chair in front of me. I was scared began he had this evil look in his eyes. He was picking at his arm. I began saying, "Babe stop, Daniel stop. Please stop." He looked at me and kept picking. I threw of my covers and ran toward him of course i was holding my little monitor thing. I grabbed his hands and put mine into his. I got on my knees and began crying. My curtain was closed luckily. Blood ran down his wrists. He wasn't the same person that I had fallen asleep with that night. He was different. He was on the road of destruction. I was scared for him. I ran into the rest room and grabbed 4 paper towels. There was tape in the restroom for emergencies and I grabbed that. I put the paper towel around his wrists and taped them down good and tight. I wrote on the paper "I love you my prince please dont tear these off for me."

After that I never left his side. I began arguing with him he wouldn't listen to me though. I would share my food with him. The nurse would get mad but I didn't want him in the hospital for the same reason as me. He was all I cared about. A couple of weeks went buy. He stopped cutting we were getting better together. Then one day he went back into it. He saw things that reminded him of what happened to me and he freaked out. He went all bitch crazy. He was first yelling and me then I got scared. He looked at me and he began crying and was panicking. He couldn't get up and I didn't want to call anyone so I helped him. I grabbed his chin and made him look at me and put my arms around him and kissed him. He stopped crying and began kissing.

He looked me in the eye and said, "Im sorry it's just I'm scared of losing you. Well you're my everything Beau."

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