He Loves Me

A love story about Beau and Daniel this isn't your normal love story then again life itself is not normal.


5. Asleep Or Dead

The next few days I was out and just listening to everything. Then one morning Daniel came in extra early. He began speaking about how much he missed me and running his hands though his hair. Then his sleeve fell and I saw them well some of them. Fresh ones, old ones, scabbed ones, one that had been picked at. He looked at my pale face and began speaking, "Beau remember when you were looking out the window a few days ago? That's when I first let my side that was in love with you take over."

You see I'm in love with Daniel but I can't wake up. It won't allow me to. I try to all the time but it doesn't let me. I'm just helplessly standing by my body. It's like I'm dead but I'm still somehow alive. Am I sleep or dead?

3 weeks had come and gone by

My family began coming every other day and Daniel was there all the time. He would go home for 1 hour or less and then be right back. He rarely got sleep. His wrist began bleeding more. He began wearing bigger and longer sweaters. His eyes had black bags underneath them. His face began getting pale and the black bags under his eyes grew darker and darker. He was beginning to be more and more distant from the guys and was getting closer to me even though I couldn't respond he would still talk to me.

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