Moving On But Coming Back

Dimitri left to become Tasha's guardian but does he realise what he left behind?

This is set 8 months after Dimitri left to become Tasha's guardian, but what he didn't know is that Rose was 1 month pregant, with his child, when he left.


2. Chapter 2

I have never wanted to be invisible in my life this much, i just wanted to vanish or sink into the couch. I couldn't let Dimitri find out about Rolan, he couldn't!

There was a knock at the door and my heart stopped beating, but it soo. started beating again when i realised who it was. Adrian.

He rushed inside and sat next to me, Adrian had been there for me through the whole pregnancy, he had even been there in the delivery room! "i came as soon as Lissa text me, are you okay?" I tried to put my best convoncig smile on

"yeah.... but Dimitri and Tasha are going to be here any minute" Adrian's face dropped and he gave me a small hug, obviosuly ebing careful of Rolan.

"Do you want me to stay or leave you?" I grabbed Adrians arm so he couldn't move and pulled him closer to me

"Stay...please dont leave!" Adrian smiled and put his arm around me bringing me as close as he could.

Adrian had finally exepted that i didnt want a relationship so he is kind of like a brother to me now! I love where we are at in our friendship, he's always there for me and Rolan. He's almost like a father to him, but i know he will never reolace his true father.

knock, knock, knock

Lissa smiled at me and then opened the door where she was wrapped into Tasha's arms! I knew i shouldn't of been angry at Tasha for taking Dimitri, she had no idea we were....involved, nobody did! But i couldn't help myself, she had taken my babies father away from us. Bitch!

"Lissa i've missed you so much" Lissa smiled back at her

"I've missed you too Tasha, Christians and Rose are waiting in the living room" she pointed in the door and she stepped out of the way so Tasha and Dimitri could come in.

As soon as i saw Dimitri my heart stopped, i pulled Rolan closer to me and felt myself tense up. Adrian sensed this and rubbed soothing circles on my shoulder which helped me relax a bit.

My eyes locked with Dimitri's for a second and then he adverted his gaze down to the baby sleeping soundly in my arms. His face dropped and he stared at Rolan for a few seconds before Tasha interupted.

"Rose? Omg i havn't seen you in ages....." she also noticed the baby in my arms "Is that yours?" she asked.

I looked at Adrian pleading for help "No" he said "He's Roses cousin, me and Rose are just baby sitting for the month while his parents are on there hunny moon!" I sighed. That was actually a convincing lie, i had taught him well!

Dimitri actually looked.... Disapointed! I almost wanted to laugh at how disapointed he looked, i guess he guessed that if the baby was mine, it was his. Unless he thought i had slept wih someone else.

"Arh how cute, what's his name" said Tasha, she stepped forward to get a closer look, i couldn't help but feel uneasy as she got closer to my son, she had already taken one man from my life and she was not going to take another.

"Rolan" i looked at Adrian and smiled "Rolan Hathaway" Tasha smiled and let out a small sigh

"He's so adorable, his parents must be very good looking" I smiled at Lissa and we all burst out laughing

"They are very good looking" i laughed. Dimitri and Tasha stared at us looking completely confused.

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