Moving On But Coming Back

Dimitri left to become Tasha's guardian but does he realise what he left behind?

This is set 8 months after Dimitri left to become Tasha's guardian, but what he didn't know is that Rose was 1 month pregant, with his child, when he left.


1. Chapter 1

8 months later and im still in love with him after everything he has put me through!

The month Dimitri left i found out i was pregnant, and i know it's impossible, but the baby is Dimitri's. If you dont believe me you can ask little Rolan, well you can when he grows up.

Rolan looks exactly like Dimitri, the eyes, the hair, the smile! He looks more like Dimitri than me.

Rolan was born 2 weeks ago so Lissa has ordered me to have 1 year off so i can bond with my child and care for him. Of course i still guard Lissa, well i sit in her house all the time with Rolan in my arms!

Lissa is like a second mother to him, she loves him like her own, which is why he is the most spoilt baby on this earth! Obviously Christian loves him aswell but Lissa loves him more.

"Rose do you want me to look after Rolan while you take a nap? You look like your about to pass out!" I turned Lissa and laughed. I kissed Rolan's head and stared at him for a second.

"Kids will make you look like that! And no im fine, i'll sleep tonight when Rolan nods off" Lissa nodded but i could tell i had said the wrong answer! Luckily she chose not to say anything else about the matter.

Unfortunately it's Christians birthday in a week so we are having a party for him and everyone is invited, including Tasha! Which means Dimitri will be here, in the same place as his son, i have no idea how im going to manage!

"Rose, i can sense that your worried. Calm down, you have a week to prepare yourself" When Rolan was born i nealy bled to death for some reason, but at the last minute Lissa saved me causing the bond to get stronger, so now the bond works boh ways! Lucky me.... i never have privacy! Everytime i think about Dimitri she mentally slaps me.

"Its harder than it sounds when the father of your child is coming and you have no idea if you should tell him he's a dad!" Lissa sighed and sent sympathy through the bond

"It's going to be okay... and you dont have to tell him" I nodded and continued to stare at Rolan, i loved this baby so much even though looking at him bought back painful memories, he was mine! Rolan Belikov-Hathaway was mine!

Obviously nobody knew Rolan's name was Belikov-Hathaway everybody would no i was in love with my mentor! Alhough most people knew if the authorities found out Dimitri would probably be thrown into jail.

"I know Lissa" Rolan started to cry so i stood up and gave him to Lissa while i went to make his bottle.

Once it was finished Lissa gave me back Rolan and i fed him. Rolan was the best baby i knew, he only cried when he needed feeding or changing and he would always be smiling, i guess thats like most Belikovs!

"So Rose, can i hold my baby nephew?" said Lissa. I nodded my head and she sat next to me, i gave her the rest of his bottle and then placed Rolan in her arms.

"Please be gentle!" i said. Being a mother had really made me soft! But i didn't doubt for a second that if a strigoi burst through the door and tried to hurt anyone in this room i would take them down in seconds.

"Rose! I know how to handle a baby!" I laughed and shook my head

"I know Lissa, but i just worry about him. I would die if anything happened to him. He's my life!" Lissa smiled and looked down at Rolan

"He sure is special!" i stare down at my son

"he sure is" Not only is Rolan special to me, but also to everyone who knows he is the child of two dhampirs, so my close friends!

After Lissa was finished feeding Rolan, Christian sat down next to them "Am i aloud to hold him?" i smirked at him and noddef my head

"Yeah but if you set my son on fire i swear i will kill you. Not even Lissa would be able to heal you once im finished with you!" I could see Christian go pale at the thought of me beating him! Even though i was always tired now, somehow i still had time to think of smart-ass comments to say to Christian!

I watched as Lissa and Christian stared down at my son "your going to be great parents one day, you know!" Lissa smiled up at me

"Thanks" she immediatley continued to stare at Rolan! Poor kid, everytime he is in Lissa or Christian's arms he is showered by stares, i guess thats what he gets for being so cute!

I heard Lissa's phone go off in the living room and i walked in to see her staring at me. I stared back at her in confusion "Liss, what's wrong?" she sent me apoligies through the bond but blocked the reason why. "Lissa?" she looked over at Christian.

"Tasha has decided to come early so she could see Christian for longer. There at the gates now" I ran over to Christian and held my son close to my chest

"Im not ready yet! No, he cant be here yet." Lissa put a reasuring hand on my shoulder

"It's going to be fine, just go sit down and try and to calm down, stop paniking i've heard children can sense that, you'll worry Rolan" I did as i was told and took a seat in the corner of the room. "Dont worry i'll help you if needed" she tapped her temples and i understood what she meant, she would help me through the bond!

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