Half Blood Boys

Five Australian boys named Luke, Jai, James, Daniel and Beau find out they are half blood and are taken away from their families. These boys don't know each other, as they are chased, hunted and lonely in a forest where they need to find one another to make it to Camp Half Blood to train and fight as Demigods. Until then will they know their hidden powers and who their father's are.


1. Horror night at Disynced

The dark night came, as the five unknown Australian boys raised up inside a tinted tube. Blind folded, the tubes disappeared, as the boys stood in a circle not knowing their surrounding. Their hands tied, eyes blinded and mouths taped, as they struggled to move, the sound of a bang went off and all five mysterious boys fell backwards into the water in sync. Their bodies reacted, as they swam to shore. A loud grunted bull sound appeared to the far left, all five of the boys sprinted in different directions beginning their journey to Camp Half Blood.

Three hours went by, no one has found anyone, all their blind folds are torn off, 3 had their mouths taped and two still had their hands tied. Lighting struck the middle as all the boys turned to see, they ran as fast as they could in the dark. After finding himself stuck in a mysterious spot, did then he realise what was going on. A flash light to his left, he bolted towards the light, running in fear not knowing what's coming.

The boy stopped as the flash stopped, another light lit up at his right. He turned and faced it, an ordinary lamp post you'd find in the middle of the street. A mysterious bench appeared as the young boy approached the light, he read the words written upon the bench seat, in Greek, he had no idea what it said. He squinted to find the words muddling up on him, now in English it read.

'For words are not said but spoken, the lights will guide your way to where you shall become a man'

The boy sat down as he tried to undo his hands, using the edge of the bench the boy pulled on the rope which eventually became loose on his tiny wrists. The boy pulled his hands to his face, looking down at the bruised and redden wrists. He started to think about what the bench said, his thoughts was interrupted by a grunting sound right next to his ear. Deep, deep breaths he took in time with the grunting. A fainted whisper moaned into his opposite ear, it called his name out of the blue.

'Use your mind Luke, the power of the light with help you. Think Luke, think'

Luke was confused about the ladies sweet smoothing voice, yet he had no idea how to use his mind.

'Luke, try it, think Luke, think'

Luke listened to the lady who repeated herself. He began to think, the power came to him as the grunting got louder he concentrated less. He blanked out the grunting noise as he used his mind to over power it, the lights began to flicker as the bull pulled back ready to pounce on Luke. As the bull jumped the light formed a shield on Luke, forcing the bull to be thrown back.

'Run Luke, as fast as you can, run'

The lady spoke, a path of light guided Luke, he got up and ran through the lights. Swinging and shifting from side to side dodging tree as he came to and end. 5 chairs placed in the middle, Luke ran into the middle.

'Luke, Luke, Luke'

The ladies voice called again coming from a chair.

"What's going on here" Luke spoke, getting worried as the lights flickered through the madness.

Luke took a look at the chairs that where placed around him, one by one he read the names.

"Beau, Daniel, Luke, Jai and James" Luke walked back to his chair where another odd Greek word was written.

"complete" Luke sat on the chair as his legs got tired and restless.

'Faze one complete' A low male voice said, Luke looked around, questioning his surrounding.

'Luke, it's going to be okay, just sit back and wait for the others'

The lovely woman spoke again.

"Others? What others, who are you? What is happening?" Luke shouted out of the blue.

'Luke, calm please, you have been chosen. Your father is a God Luke'

The woman spoke as Luke's facial expression changed

"God? so that means, I'm-I'm a" Luke took a big gulp "Demigod???" Luke finished his sentence as he realised what this place is. Of course Luke knew about Demigods and Gods, he's read up on them. But who was his father?? To do with light?? Luke had no idea, he took another look around as he tried to remember the place he read about.

"Disynced" He whispered before closing his eyes.

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