Time Bomb

~TIME BOMB~ Michael Clifford is having the time of his life on tour with the band, but what happens when he meets Julia-Blu Hartford...who is a recently diagnosed Leukaemia victim, who could face complications and whose days could be numbered?


3. Chapter Three

Julia entered the building that led to her and her mums flat and jogged breathlessly up the stairs as the lift was currently out of order and it was pretty late already. She’d snuck out again. She knew it wasn’t the best thing to do, but she needed a freedom away from her overly protective mother that would have a fit if she stayed outside or anywhere beyond nine thirty. It aggravated Julia though, she knew her mum was only trying to protect her, but she was a strong person in her mind. The Leukaemia may be weakening her day by day and week by week, but it would not reduce her to a frail bag of bones just yet.

Confronting the bold brown door that stood directly in front of her, she pushed it open and a slight creak drifted off around the flat. Her mother was not in the immediate space around her, so she crept soundlessly to her bedroom where she lay awake on her bed, just thinking. Thinking about what was to come and what people would think of her when they found out and the mysterious stranger that had just walked her home. It was a lot for her mind to weave its way in and out of; it couldn’t sew itself together in a neat little pattern just yet. Groping a lock of hair that was splayed out across her pillow, she wondered what it would be like when her hair fell out and whether she’d have to shave it off beforehand and how hideous she believed she look when it wasn’t there to hide behind. Closing her eyes, darkness shrouded her and gulped down every happiness she had. A tear sprung from her eye and threaded its way down her cheek, leaving a blotchy trail of water on her skin. If only this wasn’t happening. If only she felt normal again.

It was funny to her how people always heard of these things happening and they see them come to life in the media, but not one is really awakened to the truth; they still go round with the same mindset. ‘It won’t happen to me.’ If only that was the case for everyone...But she had thought the same and here she was.


Michael was making his way back briskly through the streets and to their hotel, it seemed like the people round here didn’t even know who he was, let alone care. He wondered if the boys would all be asleep now, as he rose up in the lift by the reception. When he reached his floor, he clambered out and swiped his key to allow him to enter. Calum had circles round his eyes and was staring intently at the screen, playing Fifa.

“Hey Calum” he greeted. Calum didn’t move, flinch or even acknowledge Mikey’s comment for his focus was devoted to the Xbox. “Night bud” he grinned as he sidled into his room and shut the door. Aston and Luke were in the room next door and would not be a problem for the time being. Peeling his jacket off, he began to disrobe himself until only his boxers remained on. Throwing himself on the bed he collapsed in a state of semi-consciousness and began to think. As much as he loved the band and would do almost anything for it, there was something more that he wanted: something to really pull him together, something that would make him complete...or more...someone. A piece of him was left undiscovered, but he wondered how he’d ever juggle a relationship and the band and which one he’d leave behind to follow down the route of the other. Everything seemed so complicated and, for someone who had achieved so much in such a small space of time, he was left deprived of the little things. The little things like seeing his family regularly and walking down the street just being himself and having a girlfriend and seeing mates outside the band. The complicated things came naturally and, ironically, what was deemed normal and easy was taken away when he pursued his dream. But how long could a dream last? Surely he’d be pulled back to reality sometime? The strange girl he’d met tonight crossed his mind and she was the last thing he thought about before floating into a world of dreams that stayed well inside his head. 

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