Time Bomb

~TIME BOMB~ Michael Clifford is having the time of his life on tour with the band, but what happens when he meets Julia-Blu Hartford...who is a recently diagnosed Leukaemia victim, who could face complications and whose days could be numbered?


1. Chapter One

Amongst a wicked wind that whisked its way through the cold winter’s air, Julia-Blu Hartford braced herself for news she knew she’d hear in her mind as it was on a record that wouldn’t stop repeating.

“Your test results came back positive Julia, I’m so sorry, but there is treatment that can help you, that can make this right.” Doctor Autumn Brookes had said

As she stared up to the sky a cloud as soft as cotton beckoned her up to the heavens in what was now her reality. Her cheeks turned rosy-pink as she gasped on to every breath she could take in, even though the sharp winter’s air spiked her lungs and made it difficult to inhale. A skyline of opaque buildings also stretched up to the firmament, calling her to be there too. Lights decorated the scene in front of her so daintily that they looked like tiny angels singing, singing her home.  Glittering in the midnight frost, they shimmered and dazzled and danced across her vision in a whir of orange ochre colours. Was this what it’d be like now? Everything she saw, would it just become picturesque? Would normality deform into something beautiful? Even as she glanced around at what was a usually average park on top the hill where her house lay, looking out to the city skyline, she noticed the small things, the once insignificant things. The dew that mounted a spider’s web under a nearby tree glittered brilliantly and she noticed it. A branch that stuck out awkwardly from a fir tree next to her had a carving of an eye on it and she noticed that too. The street lamp above her flickered on and off like a fading heartbeat. She noticed it all. What was minor seemed major as life had taken a suspicious turn for the worst. Her road to recovery was long and narrow, with beasts that would lurk around every corner, metaphorical creatures that could jump out and snatch her up. The complications.

“Julia!” her mother called from their flat window “Julia-Blu?” she had become so paranoid that Blu would take the jump off a bridge like so many before her. The thought brought a nervous smile to Blu’s face.  “Julia!”

As she set off for the quick journey to the flat door, a moist drop of rain fell from the sky and lightning gyrated across the monochrome black sheet of papery stars.

Julia-Blu was your everyday seventeen year old teenage girl. She had dark chocolate brown hair that flowed over her shoulders and dark hazel coloured eyes that gleamed with naivety. She wore shirts and jeans and Chuck Taylor's and had no particular direction in her fashion choices. But there was something else about Julia-Blu that made her unlike most young adults. She had been diagnosed with Leukaemia about two weeks ago now...soon she would undergo Chemo therapy for the first time. She didn’t quite know how to fell about that. But Julia-Blu knew she’d take whatever cancer had to throw at her. However, she was getting sicker each day and she could explode with complexities at any time because cancer could be unpredictable, very unpredictable. She was a wildfire that could spread and burn everything around her, out of control; she wouldn’t be able to stop it. She was a ship heading for an iceberg; she was a complication of the human race. She was a time bomb.  

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