The Bad Boy

Moving to Australia I wanted a simple year to go bye fast but that could never happen having Luke Hemmings in my life


6. The Party

I walked back to the couch and finished my cartoon then got a text from ivy to go take a shower I sighed and got upstairs when I went out I found on my bed on her phone on Instagram "welcome it's totally cool to just walk into my house and lay down on my bed" I said look in my draws for underwear "honey I already got your hole outfit planed down to the underwear" She said pointing to the end of my bed I saw I tight black laced dress with no sleeves a matching black lace underwear and heels "damn I might be a little too sexy for me"

" you have a perfect body that any girl would kill for wear it it's going to make you look amazing"

We got dressed and did our hair and make up and went on our way. The whole ride there we were jamming out to Green Day and Foo Fighters we got there and it was packed it was pouring out the door we walked I and practically all the guys were looking at us we made our way toward the kitchen with a bunch of stares following us she found the guy that she was talking about and gave him a hug it was that kid that we saw in gym class with the black hair and squish face he walked over and introduce himself "hi I am Calum please to me you he said reaching in for a friendly hug I returned the hug and pull back and said "hi I am Christina nice party you have going on here"

"Thanks" he replied ivy soon pulling his hand and leading him to the dance floor I guess she Is not as shy as I thought when I saw her grinding on him to the music I go to get a cup of beer when I feel someone tap my shoulder I turn around it was a regular hot guy with brown hair and brown eyes "you want a drink" he offered pointing to cup I agreed and we start to talk I got a few cups into me I was not a light weight so It took a lot to get me drunk even though I was so skinny he seemed like I really nice guy we were talking about New York until I stop and in the corner of my eye I saw Luke flirting with some girl she was all over him I had this feeling in my stomach that made me cringe was I getting jealous was he making me jealous well oddly it was working because when he looked at me and looked back at the girl and kissed her I freak out and I took a couple of Jell-O shots and brought that nice guy to the dance floor we dance for a while making sure I got Luke jealous I once I started grinding on the guy Luke looked like his head was going to explode I lead the guy upstairs to even make him more jealous when we got to the room I sat on the bed waiting for Luke to break open the door I wanted nothing to do with that guy I just wanted Luke jealous

He start to kiss my neck I ask him to get off of me but I could tell he was really drunk he slid his hand down my waist I pushed him off I was still a Virgin and I did not want to lose my virginity to this guy he pushed me down and said "baby you don't have to be such a tease" slurring each and one of his words.

"Get off me I am not having sex with you" The door burst open It was Luke he grab the guy and knocked him out with one punch

"What the fuck were you doing with that guy"he said grabbing my arm I pulled away " what the fuck were you doing with that girl Iisten I don't know why but I got jealous and I made a bad decision coming here" I stormed out and started to walk home I did not know where I was going I was stumbling the alcohol really started to set it everything went dizzy and I feel into some guys arm it might be Luke I thought to myself shit how am I going to get out of this one.

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