The Bad Boy

Moving to Australia I wanted a simple year to go bye fast but that could never happen having Luke Hemmings in my life


7. The Mourning After

I woke up to find I was not in my room this room was blue but complete covered with band posters all around I quickly lifted my head soon after regretting that idea i found the strength to get up off the bed and head toward the door but the hangover was terrible and I fell make a big noise I Look up to find Luke standing over with water and a pill he help me up to the bed and I took the pill soon my head ache went down and I felt better again and then terrible soon realizing again I was in Luke's room with him siting at the end of the bed smiling at me looking at me like I was the most beautiful girl in the world "why are you looking at me like that"

"Like what" he said turning his head acting stupid but knowing what i meant " like I looked like some type of goddess or something"

"hey know don't get too cock now" we both giggled I ask " why are you being so nice to me after everything I said to you"

"Well" he said getting closer to me " I want you Christina and I want all of you I want to kiss every inch of your body" now grabbing my waist "and I know I have been I total jerk but I could change for you if that means being with you" he said kissing my cheek waiting for my reply I laugh long and hard "how many times did you rehearse that one" giggling between every words he was completely surprised of my reaction

"listen you think that you could apologize and and say all these different things and then I will kiss you and we fall in love no you have to earn it and your not going to have that chance because your a player and I don't want to get my heartbroken" I said I walk out of that room leaving him there with this stupid look on his face I walk to my house and this was the only time i was thankful that he lived next to me I got a water bottle from the kitchen and walked upstairs with that headache still lingering I took a long cold slower to clean of the sweat and beer of my body that was stuck on. Then I put on some sweats and a t shirt and crawl in be to fall asleep instantly.

So after small but comfy nap I find some one right next to me I looked up to find ivy on her phone playing white tiles I groan and turn over " should start locking my door often" I mumbled to myself

"What are you doing here anyways" I said looking at her she was really into that game she replied "I was bored and lonely"

"Ohh okay that's a logical answer how did it go with Calum" soon realizing she had my pjs on and was tucked all nicely in my bed

"It was great he brought me home and kissed me goodnight how about you" she said still into the game "I woke up at Luke's house" I said like It was not a big deal she threw her phone scaring the shit out of me " YOU WOKE UP AT LUKES HOUSE ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY"

"Shhh I still have a headache don't worry nothing happen I got super drunk a guy tried to have sex with me because I tried to get Luke jealous by using that guy and it worked Luke came in jealous punched him I walk out if the house I stumble he took me to his place i woke up he gave me a Advil and then try to put the moves on me but I reject him and came home" I said super fast leaving her with a jaw open " I would close that before any flies get in I said jokingly getting up to go to the bathroom

"Oh okay I Glad nothing happen but do you like him" she asked "no I could never he is a player I don't date or like players" I replied firmly

She smiled and went back to playing her game but she did not know that I did like him and I did want him and every part of him but nobody could ever know that

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