The Bad Boy

Moving to Australia I wanted a simple year to go bye fast but that could never happen having Luke Hemmings in my life


3. The Bad Boy

I worked up at 6:15 I know gross and got up to take a shower I blow dried and straighten my hair and look through my closet to find something to wear I decide to go casual and were rip white jean shorts and a nice blue sweatshirt that was comfy and do not make me look like a hobo I know you are wondering what Look like I have long brown hair with blonde a the tips and blue eyes, I have a couple tattoos and a nose ring. My dad was pretty chill about the nose ring but when he saw the tattoos he might of freaked out but hey what can i say I am a rebel.

I walked downstairs slipped on my converse made a couple coffee for my dad and I when we were done to the car and then I was on my way to high school.

I live pretty close to the high school so it was a short ride when I got there the school was massive I started to get nervous. I gave my dad a kiss goodbye and headed towards the school. I soon gave up looking for the office and found this really pretty girl. With blond hair and blue tips beautiful green eyes covered by her glasses I walked to her and said "hey I'm Christina I'm new here do you know where the office is because I have no clue"

"Sure I would love to show you where the offices my name is Ivy I love your sweater" she replied happily

"Thank you I love your T-shirt I love the Ramones there one of my favorite bands"I said pointing to her shirt "I can already tell that we're going to be really good friends" she said I smiled

When I got my schedule I saw we had a bunch of classes together thank god we walk to our first class history . I sat down right next to ivy in the back. We started talking about what kind of bands we were into when I stop to fine a tall blonde hair blue eye guy standing over my desk. I might say so my self he was hot he has a lip piercing a couple tattoos he was wearing a blink 182 shirt on with black skinny jeans and converse. He stared right at me with those dreamy eyes and said "your in my desk". That brought me back to reality and I got pissed off I looked around my chair and then look up to him and said " Well sorry to tell you your name not on it"

He chuckled and said " there are a bunch of other seat you should move before I make you" moving right into my face our lips almost centimeters apart "ha really what are you going to do to me" I said firmly. Before he could reply the teacher told him to sit down , walking away he said Angrily " we are not done " I laughed. After that class we went to science then English not seeing that guy again. I was talking to ivy about where I came from and she was talking about herself and where she came from. When lunch time came around you're walking down the hallway

she asked "Christina are you I okay you seemed sort of jumpy after the hole conversation with Luke Hemmings

"That's that asshole name he was acting like a totally douchebag but I got say he was really cute" I said smirking towards then end

" Christina, Don't he bad new he is a bad boy and a heartbreaker don't you dare fall in love with him as your new best friend I won't let you" she said stoping me and staring me in the eye. Best friend I lost all mine after mom death I blocked them all out It feels good to have one of those.

We got to the lunch room we sat in the corner it was comfy and far away from everyone else perfect for me a couple of her friend came to sit next to us the were amazing funny and nice. I told them about how I came from New York and stuff. When I went to grab my water bottle it was taken I felt someone behind me I turn around and look who it his Luke he sits right next to me and he friends sit next to ivy and the rest of the table

"Can I have that back" I said frustrated the rest of my table was silent. "No first we have to talk about how you took my seat and disrespected me" he said with a grin on his face

"First of all I can sit where ever I want and second you don't deserve any respect if you are going to act that way listen I am new and I want this day and year to go bye fast and you seem to be in my way" I say getting into his face.

"Really where are you from" he ask I said " New York why do you even care"

"Because you have attitude and balls and you say what you want when you want and I find that hot" he says bitting he lip

"Ha In your dreams you think I will ever be with you your funny I rather rip my heart out" I say with attitude looking the other way

"Keep saying that honey you are going to want me" he said tilting my head towards his face our lips so close I could his hot minty breath on my lips. Then He went towards my ear and whisper " Once you have a taste you won't stop craving me". I push him off and say " don't call me honey and I will never want you" he chuckled and walked away taking my water with him.

Ivy looked at me and said "Are you okay" I looked at her she was worried I said " I am fine he just a jerk he can't do anything to me I will die before I ever want him" she nodded her head I knew apart of her did not believe it lunch went back to normal everybody was talking again I seem fine but what they don't know was that I could still feel his breath on my lips and how it felt when he whispered in my ear and it gave me goosebumps oh my god am I falling for Luke I was disgusted with my self.

The periods could not go any slower all I thought about was him stop it Christina get him out of your head I said to myself hitting my forehead again and again ivy looked at me like I was crazy. Soon the final class of the day came around gym great I hate gym I had no gym clothes so Ivy gave me extra that she brought the shorts were really short but the shirt fit me well thank god we had sort of the same body I just had a bigger but than her that's why they were so short and tight I blame my mom for that. We got outside it was a nice breeze the weather here is defiantly better than New York I was enjoying it until I saw Luke in the class with his gang of friends one had colorful hair another had blonde and brown hair that was fluffy and another had black hair he was wearing shorts and at T-shirt but damn he could pull of anything I caught myself before I would stare at him any longer making sure he did not notice that I was in his class but today god had something against because he saw me and smirked and walk over.

"Look what we have here hello Christina I bet you could not stop think about me" I said nothing and gave him the finger he chuckled. We started of with some stretching and he place him self right behind me so he could stare right at my ass god he I such a perv. All I could here was him giggling with his friends I gave him and them dirty look. Then we were told that we had to start running laps I groaned we started running when I ask ivy if we can get as far as we can from them she agreed and ran like it was nobody business but low and behold he ran as fast as he could almost like a track star we could not keep it up and slowed down they slowed down to they were right behind us Luke was still probably staring at butt when we were done and heading towards the gym they caught up to us

"Hey thank so much" he said with a cute but evil grin "for what" I said completely clue less " for having a amazing ass that I could stare at all gym class" he said smiling then smacking it causing his friends to laugh I push him and he says "ow" pretending like it hurt him.

"You know what fuck you if you really like me and care would would not be such a fucking douche bag" I said storming away from him but then he grabs my hand and says "I'm sorwy" in a baby voice batting his eyes I push him off and say "like I would ever believe that" I get close to the changing room and go in change as fast as i can and try to go home a quick as I can I thank ivy for every thing and say my goodbyes once I get to my locker I check my phone my dad text me that he had to stay late and that I needed to walk home great thanks dad I walk home to find Luke and his gang right next to my house talking I try to walk past them hoping they would not notice but they did.

"Hey babe" Luke says with a smirk "I am not your babe leave me alone I say walking to my door "wait do you live here " I stop Turing around and say "yes I there a problem" his friend start dying he stand there and says "ohh nothing I guess I will see you later neighbor" walking to the house next to mine. He is my FUCKING NEIGHBOR god want all I ever want was a simple year I run upstairs and bury my face into the pillow and scream great my year is going to be ruin by a fucking bad boy.

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