The Bad Boy

Moving to Australia I wanted a simple year to go bye fast but that could never happen having Luke Hemmings in my life


8. Sunday dinner

I Crawl back into bed with ivy, then turning around and sighing "what's wrong" she ask cuddling up to me and hugging me

" Well I was suppose to have a family dinner with my dad this Sunday night but he went on a week long business trip and I promise my mom I would cook every Sunday" I said in my most whiniest voice.

"Well where's your mom right now is she on a trip too" she said cluelessly not know my mom was dead should I tell her I thought about it for a moment then decide to keep no secretes "she died 2 years ago her grave is in New York and every Sunday when she was alive she always made a home cooked meal It was one of my best memories of her so I promise before I left that I would keep the tradition going even if she was not there to celebrate it with us." I said feeling my eyes start to water I stop myself I did not want to cry in front of ivy. She hugged me tighter.

"I am here and I would love to have a meal with you" she said. That made me smile I turn over from the side I was lying on and gave her a big hugged I am glad I have here as a friend. I went down stairs to search for foods to make. We moved in a couple of days ago so we did not have much to eat. I asked ivy if she could drive me to the super market to get some supplies because I was going make my mom world famous lasagne she agreed and we went off.

We got to the super market and I started to collect materials when ivy stop me and put her phone to my face it was a text message from Calum he said "are we still up for tonight"

"Christina I totally for got that I made plans with Calum but there's no way I am going to leave you tonight is okay if he comes he might bring a couple of friends" she said putting a puppy dog face I couldn't say no because she was going to be the only one coming to my dinner and I did not want to make her mad or miserable and there might be a lot left overs. I thought for a second and agreed not know I would complete regret this decision.

Once we were done buying food we got home and and started to cook around 6:00 we heard a knock around 6:30 and I ran to the front door with my apron on. When I opened it I found Calum and two other friends they were the other two guys that I saw in gym and lunch they all gave me hugs the one with the colorful hair his name was Michael and the other one with the fluffily hair his name was Ashton. They all walked towards the the kitchen and when I was about to close the door a foot stop it I look up to see Luke. God what was he doing here "oh sorry I did not see you I did not think you were coming too"

He smirked and said " no problem" pull me close and giving me a kiss on the neck slowly moving his lips up to my ears "you look hot in that apron but I will look a lot better on the floor with all the rest of you clothes" he walked away to the kitchen I stood there with chills i could not help it he made me hot. I close the door and muttered to my self that this was going to be a long night. They all sat in the living room watching soccer I brought in a bowl of chips of and other snacks and I could not help but notice Luke was staring at me he seemed different a good different sweeter but still a prev. I walk to the kitchen turn back again he was still staring at me checking me out bitting his lip I am not surprise that he did that bit the was something different he look determine what was he thinking about. We all enjoyed dinner Luke still was staring at me and ivy kick me a couple times because I would stare back and smile. What was I doing no I can't like him he's a total dick I will never like him I had a pit feeling in my stomach that I was lying to myself

We started a bonfire in the backyard and started to talk when I need to go to the bathroom. After I finished doing my business and wash my hands I open the door and found Luke against the wall before I could say anything he pushed me in locked the door and pushed me against the wall "I won't stop until I can have you" he said our mouths were so close.I did not say anything. Then he smashed out lips together I could not help to kiss him back.

I gave in it was amazing he tasted delicious I wrap my arms around his neck deepening the kiss I was magical no movie could every prepare me for this. I could feel him smiling through each kiss then he slid his hands down my body soon getting to my ass and grabbing it bringing our body's closer then I lifted up my legs and wrapped it around his waist soon our lips were sync together. Slowly but surely he started kiss my neck he start to move up and down slowly tubing our bodies together causing me to moan and causing him to get a bulged in his pants.

This was moving to fast I pushed him off and stop him out breath I said " why don't you buy me dinner first" I said jokingly he chuckled " I could not help myself please let me take you out on a date I promise it would be amazing like you" he said wrapping his long arms around my waist again. My mind was telling not to do this but my eyes saw those lips and said there will be coming a lot more if you said yes. Then I looked into those blue dreamy eyes and said yes he kissed me again and smiled in my response.

We open the door to find everybody standing outside the door Calum giggled and Ashton gave Luke a high 5 I could not help but blush I look over to ivy I know how pissed she was. It I was really late and everyone went home ivy still looking to fight me but Calum dragged her out before she could say anything Luke was they last one to leave thanking me for the wonderful night and giving me a kiss on the cheek which made me smile. Soon enough I was alone I went up to my room and grab a picture of me dad and my mom that was near my nightstand I look at her and smiled "I miss you" I said whispering but that whisper turn into something more I could help but scream in pain I was crying now why did she have to go she was amazing she was my everything she knew how to make me laugh and smile I could not stop screaming and crying I was so angry I go up and started throw things around my room pushing every off my night stand and desk. I don't why but all my feelings everything that was built up pour out of me and I could not stop I soon collapsed to the floor and I saw I cut myself deep by some broken glass that I probably threw around the room. I felt numb I grab another piece of glass that I found on the floor I hated myself and want to feel more pain and when I was about to cut my wrist I heard something near the my room door. I look up to find luke completely surprised at the state of my room he looks down on me I was bleeding a lot by then from the cut on my hand and he ran to me taking the glass out of my hand and throwing it across the room

"What the fuck happen here" he said shaking me I could not say anything I just sat there in silence then I stared to cry that was my answer to him he hugged me tightly. Then ran into the bathroom coming out with a first aid kit he cleaned up my hand and bandage it and pick me up bridal style and laid on the bed. I was still crying I could not help it he slowly climbed into bed with me pulling the covers on to us he wrap his arm around my waist I had my head buried in his chest.

"What happen Christina a second ago you seemed fine" he spoke I knew he was concerned by the sound of his voice

"My mom she died a couple years ago" I said trying to breath and stop crying, he just hugged me tighter I knew that I had to tell him what happen he deserve to know I mean he did save my life.

"Every Sunday she would make a home cooked meal and I promise to grave before I left that I would keep the tradition going and usually my dad was here and I never broke down like this well not until the day she died" I said I was calm now and try to gather more words.

" How did she die If it hurts to much don't tell me" he said

"No it's okay you should know. It all happen on a Friday I was in school when I got pulled out of class to here my mom was in the hospital one of my cousin picked me up and took me to her. We got to the hospital I saw here there she looked like a angel even I when she was sleeping. Dad always told me that was how he fell in love with her. He looked up at me and had sorrow in his eyes almost like he was holding the hand of a dead woman. He soon explained to me that my mom had brain cancer and has been hiding it from both of us he said it was already too late to give her treatment and said she had only a while to live. I could not breathe she was my every thing she was supposed to go on living with out her she was supposed to see me graduate and go to college and take care of my kids. I broke down I told him that I would not leave the hospital that I would stay there until she died. Two days passed she finally woke up I gave her a hugged and she explain to me that she was sorry I stopes her and told her that didn't care and I wanted to cherish the moments we still had we talked about life and played board games it was starting to look a bit better for her. Until a couple days passed and she woke up one mourning looking at me differently she did not know who I was ,she scream for help she thought I was a stranger that was in her room I tried telling her that I was her daughter see did not believe me they pulled me away from her and told me that I had to let her rest I knew then she only had a couple days left" I looked at Luke his eyes where about to water I wiped them away before he could cry and went on with the story.

"Next mourning I came back she was fine almost like nothing every happen I told her she was completely shocked about it she cried and apologize I could not help but to cry to she told me to remember her before all this and told me to remember her those Sunday night that we would spend together she stopped crying and told me that when she died she never wanted me to remember her like the way she was now. Soon after that conversation she gave me a hug almost like it was the last one and kiss me goodbye I knew that she was going to let go that night. Then she fell asleep I looked at her one last time even when she was on her death bed she looked like angel I held her hand until she was in a deep slumber the heart monitor started to go off she was finally dying I tried so hard trying to wake her up I yelled that I still needed her then I got pulled away by the nurse trying to fight back We stopped we all went silent and only heard the loud beeping noise from the heart monitor she was dead gone never to come back I fell to my kneels thinking my life was over that I would never have my mom again" I stopped talking by then and my eyes were staring to water but Luke wiped them away before I would start crying he kissed me on the forehead and said " it okay I am here now I promise you will that you will never be alone" I replied by giving him a kiss on the check and soon drifting off into sleep I his arms.

Hey guys I would like it I have to thank you for everything and for all of the support I know I have not been writing a lot lately I apologize I have school and I have been busy but I will try to update more. I made this chapter long because I have not written in so long just to tell you guys. I love you all and I hope you enjoy my story.

-fatima b

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