The Bad Boy

Moving to Australia I wanted a simple year to go bye fast but that could never happen having Luke Hemmings in my life


1. Goodbye mom

I woke up to the sound of my alarm I made a loud groan and shut it off. Then I soon realized that I was moving today I sighed and got up to look out the window I loved the city life and seeing to skyscrapers cut the sun rise every mourning.

I know you are wonder why I am moving its my dad he got relocated to Australia. AUSTRALIA! How is a city girl from New York supposed to move across the world to some plain old town in Australia but that was not what scared me it was leaving my mom.

She died 3 years ago I don't really want to say how it hurts to much. But after she died her grave was the only way I could see her and since is was moving I would not be able to visit her again. It felt like she was being taken away from me again and it hurt.

I packed the last of my things and walked down stairs to find my dad smiling at the door.

"You ready to go kiddo" he said, "As ready as I will every be" I replied sarcastically.

We got in the car and I took a good look at my apartment building memories fill my mind I smirked. When my dad started the car and was ready to go to the airport I stopped him and ask him if we could visit my mom grave for one last time he smiled and agreed.

When we got to her grave I smiled it had the flowers that I place last time still there looking pretty good I place another on hoping it would not be my last time doing that. They were Lilly's her favorite. Then I read the grave it said

Grace Marie Smith A beloved mother and friend 1964-2007

I felt my I eyes start to water but I wiped it away I did not want my dad to see me cry. I said to her " hey mom I hope this will not l be the last time I get to see you again I am going to miss you a lot I will make sure to take care of dad. Make a home-cooked meal every Sunday like you did and not survive on chipotle or other fast foods" my dad chuckled I smiled

" I know you will be there with us I don't doubt it you will protect us like you always do I love you a lot goodbye mom"

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