The Bad Boy

Moving to Australia I wanted a simple year to go bye fast but that could never happen having Luke Hemmings in my life


5. A Rainy Day

I woke up next mourning to find it was pouring rain out side thank god it was Saturday because I don't know how I could return to school knowing that Luke was my neighbor I look out my window staring at my back yard it was raining real hard I was sad because I was going to explore today I went to my other window to look into the drive way to see if my dad was home the car wasn't there he probably went to work today again i look at the house next to mine there was a window right across from mine the curtains were open so I could see in I saw somebody walking around that somebody was a boy a boy with no shirt a boy name LUKE! I shriek and hit the floor before he could see me I pop up my head again slowly and he was at the window he saw me

shit shit shit I guess he heard my shriek I ran across my room a hid make sure he did not see me again great luke probably going to use this to his advantage I face palm myself and crawl out of my room before I knew it would be safe I walk down stairs pour myself some cereal and turn on the tv and putting on some cartoons to forget about him soon I got a text from ivy I completely forgot I gave her me phone number she said It was a emergency and I texted her my address and told me that she would be there soon ten minutes after my door slams open scaring the shit out of me causing me to scream later see it was ivy "I HAVE A MAJOR PROBLEM" she said screaming "ya you do have a problem constantly giving you friend a heart attack" she walked over to me and say down stealing my cereal

"Hey that was mine" she smiled and started eat I went into the kitchen to get a glass of water she followed still eating my cereal

"So what's this big problem causing you slam my front door"

"Well I got invited to a party this afternoon from this really hot and super nice guy I really like"

"That's awesome what's the problem with that"

"He one of Luke friends"she said softly

"Well I hate Luke and If you say this friend is super nice I don't mind you going out with him who am I to stop you" I said leaning on the counter drinking so water

"Awwww thank you Christina" she got up and hugged me tightly she pulled away though and then said "but you are coming though I can't go alone I would be to scared"

"Fine" I said regretting my decision already she jump up and down " I am going to go home but I will bring you something to wear because I have something perfect for you and you are going to look sooo hot" she said running out the door I smiled and wave to her goodbye the rain stop and the skies turn clear I close the door and slid down it sitting on the floor saying this is going to be interesting to myself

~hey guys I know this chapter was really short but the next one is going to be better thank you for all the support

~fatima b.

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