The Bad Boy

Moving to Australia I wanted a simple year to go bye fast but that could never happen having Luke Hemmings in my life


2. A New life

It was a 8 hour flight but I had music and movies. My dad was asleep ten minutes after our plane took off he was a heavy sleepier so when we landed It took him a long time to wake up.

We took a taxi to our house my dad was going to get a rental car soon. As we were on our way I looked around at the new town I called home and it was surprising not as boring as I though I mutter under my breath. There was a record store and movie theater and a couple malls around it was okay for the middle of nowhere.

We got to the house and wow it was big and blue with beautiful lawn. My dad said "what do you think". I chuckled and said "it's great". I walked in and it looked amazing it was big open and new. I looked back to my dad and said " I could get use to this" he chuckled and said " now time to unpack" I groaned.

Once all the things arrived and it was all in place It started to feel more like home. My dad ask if I wanted pizza I agreed and went outside to explore my backyard. I look and saw a pool and a treehouse my inner child freak out I quickly climbed up to the tree house and look around it was late and the sun started to set and it was beautiful

"maybe this is not as bad as I thought" I said to my self I walked back inside and found that the pizza was here me and my dad started eating having a good conversation when he told me that I would be starting high school I growled at and beg if I could start it later he said he could not do anything about. I finished my food and when upstairs my room was perfect everything was in place it was blue and green ( my two favorite colors) it had green day and blink 182 posters up and my big king sized bed that could fit ten people. I put my hair up into a bun and put my pjs on lied in bed and start watching Netflix. Soon after a little while my dad came in and gave me a kiss on the forehead and said goodnight.

I shut off my laptop around 11:00 and told my self that that it going to be a good year and high school will not ruin it.

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