The Secrets of the Ninjas: Book One: The Traitors

The world now has secret societies running: The Assassins, or the Ninjas. You can choose one, or you can sit and watch as people die from the Assassins' work, and watch as people are saved from the Ninja's skills. The Ninjas and the Assassins are on the brick of war. Who will win?


1. Chapter One

Running past the trees. Trying not to get killed. Peter and Cassidy were running from the Assassin, Rose. "Someone's calling me!" Cassidy gasped, "Answer it!" Peter sighed. Cassidy hit a device in her ear.  Then came Holly's voice "Cassidy, we're--"  silence. "Holly? Holly!?" Cassidy screamed. "Hold up!" Peter said, as he hit the device in his ear. "Emily, Emily are you there?" There came Emily's voice "Peter, we're fine--" Silence…

"They cut off the communications!" Cassidy shrieked. "I know, we need to find a way--" he paused. His eyes widened. Cassidy soon realized what happened.

  "Peter NO!" Cassidy pleaded. Peter collapsed.  His brown eyes were still open. His dirty blond hair was resting at his ears. A little bit of blood trickled on his blue sweatshirt in the chest area. He was still breathing.

Cassidy brought out the teleporter, a small device that can teleport anyone to the HQ, also made by Andrew, one of the leaders of the Ninjas. She pointed it at Peter, whispered “The hospital of the HQ of the Secrets of the Ninjas."  Instantly, Peter disappeared. Cassidy hit her ear piece and said “A.J, I just sent Peter, he’s still alive, Taylor, I need you to tell Holly, and Emily that I’m on my way."

“Think so?” said a voice from Cassidy’s left. Out came a red haired girl, with hazel eyes and a face so ready to kill, it was scary. “Rose, I’ve told you, you should join the Ninjas not the Assassins!” Cassidy told her.

“Why? Just because I’m your little sister,” Rose replied, “no, this is what mom wanted me to do so that’s that!”

“What about what dad wanted you to do? You said that you’d never be like mom, and you are!’’ Cassidy shrieked.

“I’M NOT LIKE MOM, I’LL PROVE IT!” Rose screamed at Cassidy. She ran toward Cassidy, but Cassidy’s reflexes were too fast. She turned and kicked Rose right in the forehead. Rose fell instantly, knocked out cold.

“So much for ‘not like mom’, she always fell for that.” Cassidy stated. She took out the teleporter and said “The dungeons of the HQ of the Secrets of the Ninja Side.” Cassidy’s sister disappeared.  Cassidy ran straight, to the Lowell Middle School, where Holly and Emily were.

   Holly and Emily ran up the stair that led to the 6th grade hallway. "Holly, bows out!" Emily commanded. Holly got her bow out and they started knocking arrows at the assassins, Sarah, Marie, and Elizabeth. No matter how they tried, Holly and Emily couldn't get ahold of Marie. Whether they tried explosive, pointed, or electrocuting arrows. Emily pressed her ear price and said, "Taylor, we need back up! NOW!" "Cassidy's on her way!" Taylor replied. Cassidy came in 5 minutes later. "Where's Peter---" Holly started but stopped at the look at Cassidy brown eyes.

  Holly's blue eyes filled with anger. Her brown hair looked more dangerous, at her shoulders, with her face dark, and ready to kill. More assassins were charging in.

"Cassidy, get Ali, and Hanna. Those assassins can't hurt one of us without a price!" Cassidy took off to the 8th grade hallway, which was, to the rights of the girls.

 "Holly, the bows are no use!" Emily pointed out as they pulled the string back to the corner of their mouths.

"Then get the swords out, we need to fight them head on!" Holly replied. They took out their swords and ran toward the assassins. Being trained as ninjas, Holly and Emily easily defeated the assassins. They all retreated. Marie stood behind for a second and said, “One day ninjas, you shall get what’s coming for you!” She disappeared into the forest.

“Well, that was a little too easy,’’ Emily said, “almost like they accomplished what they came for.”

“They did,” Holly replied “Their goal was to kill Peter!”

“Holly, Peter’s with A.J, he’s still alive….Maybe.” Cassidy said with Hanna, and Ali at her side.

“And their goal was to destroy Lowell wit that bomb that Elizabeth had, which Holly successfully destroyed.” Annie, one of the leaders of the Ninjas, stated through the ear device.

 “Well, that’s helpful… wait Cassidy, what’s that on your shoulder?” Ali stated. All the other eyes look to Cassidy’s left shoulder. A tracer was attached to it.


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