End Up Here

Madison finds herself treading in dangerous waters when she falls for the wrong kind of guy.
Can Madison handle the stress of trying to tame a professional bad boy?


10. Chapter 9

Longer Chapter, enjoy!!

I can feel Luke glaring at Calum, but i don't want to look. I don't want Luke to hate Calum, but something about the way they talk tells me that they do this kind of thing all the time. They WERE talking about me and boys the other night, so TECHNICALLY this is Luke's fault.

I stand up and bite my lip. I want to make Luke jealous somehow, so i can see whether or not he actually likes me. I have an idea.

“Thanks Cal.” I wink at him and kiss his cheek before turning, and walking out of my room.

I can't go back to my room, but i really don't want to go and party. Don't get me wrong. It's not that i don't like parties- because i do- it's just that it's HIS party. Luke Hemmings. That means a whole number of things: Drugs, booze, and everything over done.

So, i decide to leave. Go on a walk, maybe look for a job. And just get away from "5 Seconds Of Summer" all together. I need peace and quiet. Unfortunately for me, that means i have to walk through this wild party first. I take a deep breath, put my head down, and speed walk.

I feel eyes on me but i just keep walking. My hand is on the brass door handle when i hear Luke.

“Madison! Hey, get back here!” Luke yells at me, but i just keep walking. The streets are dark, except for the streetlights peeking through the darkness. The stars dance with the moon in the inky sky. I walk without a destination, just looking at the stars.

The streets are quite, all cars tucked safely away and off the roads. I wish one would come and whisk me away. Far, far away from Luke's house.

A low rumbling sounds behind me, the sound of a car. I turn and look, but the bright headlights blind me. The car slows to a halt beside me and the driver rolls down the tinted glass. Luke. Luke is the one driving the car.

“Get in the car.” He growls at me. I am NOT getting in that car. I cross my arms at him, indicating that i don't plan on listening. After i've made my point, i start to walk again. Luke puts the car back in drive an cuts me off again. Except this time, he doesn't tell me to get in.

He hops out of the car and heaves me over his strong shoulders. Is this what it feels like to be kidnapped? Being grabbed and shoved into a dark car late at night? I punch him in the shoulder but he doesn't make i sound. Once we're in the car and driving, he speaks.

“Well?” He raises his eyebrows.

“Well what?” I can't believe he expects me to talk to him about kissing his friend. We aren't dating and he doesn't like me as a person.

“Do you like Calum?” He asks, gripping the leather of the steering wheel so hard his knuckles turn red.

“What the hell Luke?! You can't pretend you have feelings for me! It's obvious you don't, so you have no right-” Luke stops the car so fast that i almost can't breathe.

“You can't honestly think that?” Luke turns to face me in his seat. I don't want to look at him so i keep my seat belt on and stare straight ahead. Why is he pretending like we're all good and fine? Like he likes me?

“Luke i can't-” he cuts me off. Not with a gesture or words, he takes the words off my lips with his. He takes my breath away. Luke unclips my seatbelt and pulls me closer to him. His lips fit like a jigsaw puzzle to mine. Luke we were made together. I want to be with him, i really do but i can't kiss him like this after i kissed Calum. It isn't fair to do that to them, and it's not who I am, as a person.

“Luke, stop.” I say, but he doesn't.

“Luke! Stop, you're hurting me!” But he doesn't move a muscle.

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