End Up Here

Madison finds herself treading in dangerous waters when she falls for the wrong kind of guy.
Can Madison handle the stress of trying to tame a professional bad boy?


7. Chapter 6

Longer chapter right here!

Things are starting to get interesting with Luke and Madi, tell me what you think!


Later that night, i find myself sitting in my bed thinking about how different my life has become in the last day. It's weird to look back at how quickly things change. And as result of all the change: i can't sleep.

Liz and my aunt are downstairs in their rooms sleeping, and Luke, Calum and I are upstairs.

Although i'm sure that only Liz and Aunt Lori are sleeping.

Calum decided to stay the night with Luke, and they sit up talking rather then sleeping. I know because i can hear them.

I tried listening to my music for a bit, but it didn't help me. At about 1:30 AM, i changed into my pyjamas- Electric blue American Apparel underwear, and a loose t-shirt- and just sat in bed looking up funny vines.

I could still hear Calum and Luke talking, about what though, i couldn't hear. I got up and creeped quietly to my door, so i could hear bit and pieces of what they were saying.

“I call dibs Luke. I called dibs while she was filming, you all heard me.” Calum says to Luke.

“Nuh-uh. How do YOU know that i didn't call dibs when she first got here?” Luke retorts.

“Because you said that she was hot, but boring and you doubt that she'd go all the way with you. A.K.A, not your type.” Calum whispers.

“Yeah, well she's my type now. Cal, you know you never settle on one girl for more then two weeks.” Luke says, sounding bored of the conversation.

Whatever. I'm done listening. Luke pisses me off sometimes. How does he know that i've never been all the way with a guy?! Because i didn't throw myself on him when he introduced himself earlier?

I'm not necessarily saving sex for marrige, i'm just not a slut.

I sigh and sit on the edge of my desk. What am i going to do about this boy across the hall?

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