End Up Here

Madison finds herself treading in dangerous waters when she falls for the wrong kind of guy.
Can Madison handle the stress of trying to tame a professional bad boy?


4. Chapter 4

I'd like to thank whoever reads this,

It means a lot to me. :)



After thirty short minutes, i have my music organized neatly on my little shelf, my clothes folded and put away, and my posters and records hanging on the walls. It almost looks like my old room that i miss dearly.

I now sit against the wall on my bed, stalking musicians on Instagram when i hear a loud knock on my door. Weird. Liz and Aunt Lori went out to grab groceries..

I open the door and leaning on the door frame on the other side is Liz's son.

Tall blonde, with bright icy blue eyes. He's wearing a batman shirt and skinny jeans with the knees cut out. I feel inferior in my Nirvana shirt and ripped skinny jeans.

“You must be Madi.” He says, icy blue eyes staring straight into my dull grey ones. He's the hottest boy i've ever seen, but theres something else about him that seems.. Almost dangerous.

“Yeah, and you are?” I ask him, regaining myself.

“It's Luke.” He winks at me, lightly smirking. I feel my cheeks flush but i know better then to let him know the way he makes me feel. Boys like him are dangerous. They make you feel things and then trade you in for a new toy to play with.

“Can i help you with something?” I ask him confidently. I can't help it. I find myself looking at his lips. His lips are perfectly shaped, and he has a black lip ring on his bottom lip.

He seems to notice and he moves his face dangerously close to mine and i bite my lip.

“I know my mum told you to think of us like family while you're here, but i think it would work out a little better if you didn't.” He says to me, now biting his lip.

“Ouch. Sorry i'm such poor company.” I say, feeling a little hurt.

“You know that isn't what i mean.” He scowls, leaning so close now that our lips almost touch and he takes a step into my room.

“Family doesn't do this.” He puts his hands on my hips. This should NOT be happening but he's so amazingly charming that my head spins.

“Neither do strangers.” I say, walking back to my bed and picking up my phone. Luke just stands in my doorway watching me with his bright blue eyes. Theres no telling how long he would've stood there if his mum didn't come home.

“Luke! The band's here to see you!” Liz calls from the kitchen. I jump up and look at him.

“Band?” I question him, raising my eyebrows. But he only turns back once- before he goes downstairs- to say,

“5 Seconds Of Summer.” Before he walks out of my room and down the stairs.

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