End Up Here

Madison finds herself treading in dangerous waters when she falls for the wrong kind of guy.
Can Madison handle the stress of trying to tame a professional bad boy?


3. Chapter 3

Third chapter!!

Sorry it isn't the best, i'm still trying though.



I sit silently in my seat, tapping my foot to the music as the city bus whisks my Aunt and I away from the only home we've ever known. Music calms my nerves, but today its doing less of its job then usual.

All i can think about is 'what if they don't like me?

What if they think my band tees and ripped jeans are weird?'

I really want them to like me, but they might not like how i look, or speak. Or the type of music i like.

As the bus slows down my Aunt taps my knee, signalling that it's time to roll. I tug my earbuds out of my ears and shove them in my pocket.

We grab our small bags of our last bit of possessions, and trudge off the city bus.

At the bus stop is a tall blonde woman waiting for us. That must be Aunt Lori's friend.

We approach her and my aunt introduces us.

“Liz, this is my niece Madison. Madi, this is my friend Liz Hemmings from school.” My aunt says quickly. I think she's just in a hurry to get settled in.

“Thank you for letting us stay with you Mrs.Hemmings.” I say, shaking her hand.

“Please, call me Liz. You are so beautiful, just like your Aunt,” she smiles at me before continuing.

“I might just have to keep my son in his room!” She laughs, but i don't get it. I'm far from pretty.

I have hazelnut brown hair with a blue streak in it, and grey eyes.

Tall, but not mammoth tall.

Tan, but not gorgous. AND, i'm not even skinny. I'm not fat, but i'm defiantly not skinny.

I doubt her son will look twice at me, but in my mind, i'm hoping he will.

Liz drives us to a big, beautiful white house with a pool and a lively garden out front. It's the house i've always wished i had.

And when we get in the door, it's even nicer inside. I bet that if Liz were to install elevators, it wouldn't look out of the ordinary because of the size and luxuriousness of the house.

Liz shows me to my room for the time being, and i haul my bags onto the bed. Straightening out my Nirvana shirt, i glance around the room. There's NO way that this room is just mine.

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