End Up Here

Madison finds herself treading in dangerous waters when she falls for the wrong kind of guy.
Can Madison handle the stress of trying to tame a professional bad boy?


17. Chapter 16

I'd been walking around town aimlessly after leaving Liz and Luke to deal with my tempertantrum. Finally deciding to go into some shops, i hear my stomach grumble tirelessly.

The closest food shop to me was a quaint little, hole-in-the-wall bakery selling fresh goods across the street.

Tugging one of my earbuds out of my ear, i scurry across the busy road and into the little building.

The minute i crossed through the doorway, fresh and sweet smells attacked my senses, leaving my mouth watering. There was almost nobody in the shop except a man on his computer, and a young couple at the other end. The boy waved me over, and i instantly recognized him as Ashton.

“Hey Mads. This is my girlfriend Tori.” He grinned at me, and she waved. I shook her hand and she invited me to pull up a chair.

“So whats good here?” I ask them, mouth still desperately watering. I can almost taste the baked goods in my mouth.

“Everything. I'll go get you something, you two talk for a bit.” Ashton tucks in his chair, and scoots up to the treat counter.

“You're the one staying with Luke right? You gotta be careful with him.” She chuckles, and pulls a bit off her muffin.

“Yeah i am. Did Ashton tell you...”

“Yup. He did. I'm not sure how i feel about them leaving. I'll miss him a lot, but this'll be good for their band. Really good.” Popping the bit of muffin into her mouth, she brushes i crumbs off onto her blue jeans and reaches into her purse. Making an "ahah!" noise, she pulls out a shiny iPhone and unlocks it.

Her manicured nails slide it across the table towards me.

“Add your contact, we should hang sometime.” She smiles at me as i type my number into the little space beside my name.

I made a friend! I smile to myself as Ashton sits back down, handing me a little paper bag.

“We gotta get going Madi, but we'll see you around.” Ashton says after a few minutes. Him and Tori grab their things, and march out the door. They wave to me through the window as i pack up my things too.

I'd better get back to Luke's house soon, before Liz tells my Aunt about my temper..

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