End Up Here

Madison finds herself treading in dangerous waters when she falls for the wrong kind of guy.
Can Madison handle the stress of trying to tame a professional bad boy?


15. Chapter 14

Chapter 14!! Comment what you think of it! XX -H

Luke and I've grown closer since that night. He still refuses to tell me where he stands with me, but we talk and hangout, and he even gave me a proper tour- finally.

But i can't get over the fact that he's hiding something from me. Every time i bring up his music, or the band comes over, he gets really quiet and shuts himself up in his room.

I know that it has to have something to do with that day at the coffee shop, but i can't fit the pieces together. I've been re-playing the twisted events in my head for the past week, but it's all been a dead end.

Today Luke was supposed to take me out for dinner but they band showed up, and that means that i don't get Luke time- his band does. They've been practising like madmen for the last few weeks, and because of that, i don't see Luke as much as i'd like.

I have been memorizing some songs they wrote though, and they are really good. I even started trying to write my own stuff. Luke tells me it's good, but i'm not so sure. They could never be as good as his..


The sun peaks blindingly through my blinds on my windows, warning me to get up. My mouth waters helplessly as i smell the eggs and potatoes cooking on the hot stovetop down the stairs. Whatever doubts i had about getting out of bed wash over me like warm waves. Rolling out of bed, i comb through my tangled hair and brush my teeth.

Finally following my nose down the cold stairs, i stop faster then you could say 5sos, because i hear Liz yelp loudly.

“Luke that's wonderful! When are you boys leaving? I can help you pack, and-”

“Leaving? Luke, what aren't you telling me?” I cross my arms, almost certain that this is the secret he's been keeping. Luke bites his lip ring and cringes.

“The boys and i, we.. We've been. . .” He stutters, and i can't tell if he's stalling, or at a real loss for words.

“You've been...” I push, not letting him get away with this one. He's kept to many secrets, even though we declared a truce.


“They're going away to record some stuff!” Liz squeels, squeezing Luke's shoulders tightly. She's proud of he son, and i would be too if he didn't lie to my face so many times..

If i didn't feel something for him.

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