End Up Here

Madison finds herself treading in dangerous waters when she falls for the wrong kind of guy.
Can Madison handle the stress of trying to tame a professional bad boy?


14. Chapter 13

Finally wrote a chapter!! :) Enjoy it loves :*

When Luke finally dressed and stumbled out to the car, i felt like i was half asleep. It took him nearly half an hour to dress his cute, hungover ass.

I had to buckle him in, and even though he had a raging headache, he wanted to blast his crazy music. It was so loud, that he only caught his phone on the last ring, almost missing Mikey's Call.

“Holy shit, serious?! .... Yeah, we'll be there in ten.” Luke sings excitedly into his phone speakers.

“Addy, turn left.” I raise my eyebrows at him, but don't question him. I just steer the car the in the direction he yells out. He must be meeting the boys somewhere.

Finally, when he tells me to park, we're at a quaint little coffee shop in the middle of town. I put some cash in the parking meter and we walk in.

The coffee shop seemed a lot bigger on the outside, maybe fitting 4 tables? And one table was filled up with Calum, Mikey, Ashton, and some older man i don't recognise.

“Luke, this is probably private. I'll grab a coffee and walk around town. Text me if you need a ride home.” He nods and slides into a chair.

____________________________________________But he never texted me, and never called. Eventually, i decided to drive home. When i get there, i see Luke sitting in his room. I can't read his emotions, but i can tell that that meeting affected him somehow. Good or bad, i don't know.

What did that man say to him??

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