End Up Here

Madison finds herself treading in dangerous waters when she falls for the wrong kind of guy.
Can Madison handle the stress of trying to tame a professional bad boy?


13. Chapter 12

Small authors note :)

Do you guys think i should keep updating?

Because i'm not getting very many reads anymore, and nobody is really commenting.

I know, i haven't been updating as much because i've been busy with school, but i'm gonna try and update as soon as i can, (if you guys still think i should). XX ~H

I sit patiently on the hotel bed waiting for Luke to emerge from the shower. I tap my foot, drum my fingers on my legs, hum a tune, then bite my lip. It's hard to wait patiently. Without even noticing, i realize that i'm humming a tune of one of their songs that they wrote, but hadn't posted them playing it yet.

The band played it for me a few days ago before everything got all stupid and messed up. Before Calum, or Luke kissed me. Before i found myself really wanting to kiss Calum back. Sometimes i find myself thinking about how this all happened to me. I don't want to be Luke's temporary distraction. I like him too much and getting involve with him will only result in broken heart. I don't want to be one of those girls in a novel that falls for the town bad boy, falls into depression, gets over it and finds a new guy. The solution is clear. I might hurt me, but it'll hurt a whole lot less then a broken heart. I'm gonna ignore my feelings for Luke and just be FRIENDS with the boys. Thats my rule that i promise to my heart i won't break.

Just then, Luke emerges from the bathroom, white towel wrapped around his lower half. Just friends, just friends i chant in my head. Luke looks at me with his ocean blue eyes and waits. Waits for me to continue my speech about liking him, but i'm not.

“Just kidding! Gotcha didn't i!” I yell and throw a pillow at his face. His waiting look went from confused to annoyed in about half a second. I was aiming for a laugh.

“Yeah you really had me.” He mumbles, but i don't think he meant for me to hear. Oh-kay.. I tell him that i'll be in the car waiting for him to get dressed, then i head out in my little black party dress from last night. My plan for the day is to head home to change, then hang out with the boys as they reherse. Thats my favourite thing to do lately. And hopefully the tension with Luke and Calum will be non-existant, since i told Luke that i liked neither of them. I cross my fingers, but all i can think about in my head is Luke. I want him to want me. As more then a distraction.

Yeah, like that's EVER going to happen..

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