End Up Here

Madison finds herself treading in dangerous waters when she falls for the wrong kind of guy.
Can Madison handle the stress of trying to tame a professional bad boy?


11. Chapter 10

This app is messing up the order of me chapters so just let me know if it does it again. XX ~H

I feel feint. In less then twenty four hours. I've developed multiple opinions of Luke. Right now, i'm scared of him. He tugs at my shirt but i keep my arms tucked tight so it won't come off. This isn't really him, i remind myself. He's just extremely drunk.

“Luke please.” I whisper, and put my hand on his cheek. His ocean blue eyes are hungry, but i can almost also see the alcohol in them. I wonder how much he's had.

“Our parents'll be home soon. You don't want them to see you drunk like this do you?” I raise my eyebrows at him, causing him to scowl.

“Well do you have any better ideas?” He slurs.

“Umm. I dunno, a hotel maybe?” Luke grins at me and i just look at him dumbfounded.

“Okay 1, No. I plan on SLEEPING. And 2, get out of the drivers seat.” I scold him. I'd rather not die here in this car tonight. Luke obeys, but grumbles all the way to the passenger side. I swear i heard at least ten cuss words in one sentance. I crawl onto the drivers seat and buckle up.

“Luke, wheres the nearest hotel?”

“Umm. Couple blocks down i think.” He slurs, tracing his name on the dashboard. I put the car into drive and follow his lousy instructions.

Sure enough, down the street is a old little motel with a few rooms. It doesn't look like anyone else is staying there. Once i have the keys for the room and we're all checked in, i half drag, half walk Luke to the room. It's a small, one bed room with stained walls and thick sheets. The minute the door is shut tight, i turn to find Luke trying to shimmy out of his jeans.

He looks at me pathetically, jeans half off and just falls onto the bed.

“You're expecting me to undress you?” I look at the heap that is Luke laying there, and see him nod his head. Fine. I walk over and grab the bottom of his jeans. They're so skinny, it's like i'm actually peeling off him skin. Once they're off, he takes off his shirt and curls up in the blankets.

“You can wear my shirt.” He mumbles, before he's out like a light.

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