Rising of Dawn

Dawn, an Arabian buckskin foal is the world's most precious thing in her mother's eyes. But to the owner, she is just another showing and breeding horse or in other words, money. Dawn is not just set out to free her and her mother, but to prove that she is the new rising of the Dawn.


1. The Pasture

  The sweet smell of fresh green grass filled my nose. My dam's muzzle nudged me towards the open encouraging me to take my first steps. My long, skinny legs wobbled on the moist, green land. Other colts and fillies ran and galloped and bucked around the other mares and stallions. I tried to follow their actions and moved my legs to the beat of my slow, deep heart. My dam followed me where I went, picking my up each time I fell. I reached a small trot, then a canter.

 My dam smiled watching me. I hit what felt like a stone wall. The warm body I hit with a chest of steel whinnied and reared. My dam rushed over to my fallen body, worry in her big brown eyes. I stood up as she brushed my buckskin coat. "I am so sorry Skye, she's just learning to run." The tall Arabian stallion looked down at me with a caring look in his eyes making me feel warm and cozy inside, like when I lay with my dam. "Zurri, is this our filly?" he asked. My dam smiled and nodded her head, pushing me over to the stallion. "Have we named her yet?" he asked with a hopeful look. My dam shook her head looking over me. "You're her sire so, you must name her." He looked me over, looking as my features and my body's shape. He said with a smile, "Dawn" I looked at them both confused. "Daughter, your name is Dawn.", my dam said with a smile. 

 Every day and each day after, I took my name to be something special.

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