Rising of Dawn

Dawn, an Arabian buckskin foal is the world's most precious thing in her mother's eyes. But to the owner, she is just another showing and breeding horse or in other words, money. Dawn is not just set out to free her and her mother, but to prove that she is the new rising of the Dawn.


2. Stupid Horse


     "C'mon ya stupid horse, work those legs, jump higher!" The whip cracked and I used all my might but I still couldn't make the jump. I started to try the jump, stumbling, I fell into the jump, throwing my rider off. I knocked the jump down and everyone rushed over to the scene. A tall man named Jacob grabbed my reins and pulled me along. The heavy apparel was taken off of my back and I was put in my stall. The owner slowly dragged along to my stall, kicked the door, and spooked me. "What the hell is wrong with you. I'm glad you don't have a name. Knowing your potential, you could never live up to the name Daisy! A simple, stupid flower! Estupido Caballa." He called me stupid horse. How dare he! I kicked the door with all of my might. The door swung open hitting the rugged owner in his back. His yells from the floor made me comfortable. It sounds really mean and cold hearted but his yells made me feel victorious and strong. No one an beat me. No one can take me down.

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