Rising of Dawn

Dawn, an Arabian buckskin foal is the world's most precious thing in her mother's eyes. But to the owner, she is just another showing and breeding horse or in other words, money. Dawn is not just set out to free her and her mother, but to prove that she is the new rising of the Dawn.


3. Count your Lucky Stars

  I sat in my stall waiting for dinner time to come around. The fat little groom was taking Ginger out, a beautiful Blue Roan out for a quick wash. I looked for my dam, who was in the pasture with my sire, the owner's son, trying to get them to breed again. I rolled my eyes and looked into my water bucket. I looked at my reflection and how I wish I looked like my mother. "There we go! Good boy!" the son yelled. Oh great, another foal. Just what my poor, old, beat down of a dam my mother is. I love her so much but at er age, she shouldn't be having foals. Trust me, I know.

 "So, how was the lesson?" my dam asked, a little  hop in her step. I gave her the face that looks like the owner gave us moldy grain. "Oh, I see." she said and chuckled a little bit. "Mom, you better be counting your lucky starts." I said, looking into her eyes "Why dear.?" she asked back. "Becuase I'm gonna get you, dad, and me outta here.!" I exclaimed. She stopped in her tracks and started luaghing at me.






Thanks for reading! I hope you like it. Im updating as soon as I can! Love you marshmellow muscles! (lol have no idea what that was!)


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