Roses and love


1. Alex

The plane finally landed. I was finally at Dublin the flight wasnt long but i was still tired. I live in london but my bestfriend Marissa was getting married and i was the one of the bridesmaids.

"Ariel!" Marissa screamed as she saw me on the airport. She is just like sister to me we have been best friends since elementary school. "Marissa. Honey." I smiled seiing my bestfriend.the hole car drive Marissa told be about the wedding and everything and i couldnt not wait to see her on beautiful white dress. "So i have this plan brides maids will walk to aisle behind us with bestmans." She said. "Krissa will walk with Tony and Sissy will go with Christian ofcourse." She said. "And you will go with Ethans bestfriend Alex." She said. "Who is he?" I asked. "Alex you dont remember Alex?" She said looking me with wide eyes. I shook my head to her. "Holy shit Ariel. The Alex! Alex with black hair and brown eyes." She said and blurry imagine of guy from final year with charming smile but nothing interesting never happened between us, i think i was just shy back then... " is he?" I asked. "Great. Single and rich." Marissa smirked. "I didnt ask that." I groaned. "But i know you though that." She said.i groaned again, she knew me so well after all these years. "Ethannn!" Marissa purred like little dog when we walked inside. she hugged him and i could see how much they loved each others. "hi Ariel." Ethan waved and smiled friendly to me. "hi Ethan." i smiled. he had always been like the brother i never got. "and you may remember Alex." Ethan said. i noticed tall and muscular guy next to him. he looked even better than in highs school. how was that even possible. great, i'm turning into drooling teen girl again. "Ariel? is that her? Ariel?" he said with smile looking me. i blushed little. "The same old." i said. "hi, nice to see you."he smiled. "it's nice to see you too." i smiled and Marissa just wiggled her eye browns to me and Ethan rolled his eyes. 


---------Alex's pown----

she was here. Ariel.why  didn't i hit her in high school. i really liked this girl. i think i was just awkward and shy and though girl like Ariel wouldn't never like or even see guys like me. she was like from hole different planet. she was special. and its been few years when we last saw each others and she had just gotten prettier, if that was even possible. when i looked her familiar brown eyes Amber totally run out of my mind, and i knew this time she wasn't going back. Amber my girlfriend, well Ex. we were together like four years but then everything just went messy. hell to Amber. Ariel stood there. "Alex can you please carry Ariel's stuff to guest room?" Marissa said waking me up from this beautiful day dream. "oh sure." i said bit awkwardly. i took her suitcases what weight nothing. "there you go." i said as i left the cases to extra bed in guest room. Marissa told that we would have to share a room but i wouldn't mind. "thanks." she said smiling her heavenly smile to me. what was happening to me? "uh,sure... no problem." i said. "i need shower." she mumled to herself when she started unpack her stuff. "oh sure, towels are there, i will go downstairs." i said awkwardly and she smiled to me. 

Ethan was making dinner and Marissa was helping him. they were perfect to each others. i sat waiting them to finnish and Ariel come. she walked down the stairs her  hair was still wet from the shower and she was wearing sweatpants and tank top. she gave me smile when she saw me. she was so perfect. i was totally going to lose my mind. my old crush was totally coming back, but i didn't mind.


------Marissa's pown----

i woke up i slowly stood up i heard that someone was in bathroom. Alex's bed was empty he was in bathroom. so i decided to take another bathroom down the hall. when i was finished i opened the door and Alex stood there only wearing his boxers. i felt blush creep on my cheeks as he noticed me. "morning." he said. how sexy. i blushed and said morning back to him as he smiled to me when he noticed how red i was. i took my clothes and walked quickly to the bathroom to change. that was so awkward. when i had gotten my bra and panties on suddenly the door flew open. "omg,sorry." Alex said with little laugh. was he serious. "excuse me? you did that on purpose didn't you?" i asked. and i could feel how red i was cause i was half naked and so was he. this was too much. or maybe not. he looked me up and down and licked his lips little. "Maybe." he smirked. "what are you looking at?" i asked. he took few steps towards you. "what does it look like who i'm looking at?" he said. "uummmm." i said. i noticed my back hit the wall. "are you always like this?" i asked. "like what?" he said. "walk in to people when they are dressing up?" i asked. he looked me with  mysterious smile. "only when there are beautiful girls like you." he said his eyes not meeting my eyes. he was still checking me be serious i didn't mind at all it wasn't like i wasn't liking this. i checked him out too. i couldn't not notice how fit he was with  hard six pack and hard arm muscles and sexy v-lines when he was only wearing Calvin Clein boxers... and  i could see how big he was.

we stood there looking each others. the room suddenly felt like 100 degrees hot when i felt his thumb run around my stomach and playing with my belly button ring. his warm breath hit my face and chest many times. i was nervous and i felt electric socks run down my spine as he touched my skin. he lifted his head to meet my eyes. his hazel brown eyes were almost black. as he stared me with lust. our lips weren't touching even that they were like few inches apart. his breath what smelled like mint when it  hit my face many times. his arms were holding my waists softly. "god i wanna kiss you so bad." he said with low sexy voice and i could hear how eager he was. "then whats stopping you?" i whispered in his ear softly kissing the earlobe . and right at that second when those words left my lips he pressed his lips against mine. his warm and soft lips brushed against mine slowly and gently i didn't hesitate to kiss back. our gently kiss soon turned into hungry one when his tongue met mine.


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