8. Visiting Hours

It was five years later. Lottie and Olly were now aged nine and five, and were currently walking down a busy street.

"This can't be it, Dad," Lottie tugged at Fred's hand. "It's full of muggles!"

"Shush, they'll hear you!" hissed Fred as they stopped outside a disused shop with two shop dummies in the window. Fred leaned into the glass.

"We're here to see Hermione Weasley," he told the dummy. His children giggled behind him - shop dummies weren't real, they couldn't hear you! But then they gave a sharp intake of breath as the shop dummy nodded and beckoned them inside. Fred took hold of his children's hands and they stepped forwards. 

"We walked through glass, Lottie!" Olly chattered excitedly with his sister. Fred exchanged a few words with the welcome-witch and then led them up to the second floor. They followed their dad taking excitedly about everything they saw.

"So this is St Mungo's?" Lottie asked in awe. Fred nodded and stopped outside a door. 

"Yes, this is it. Listen, Mum's tired at the moment, OK? So you've got to be quiet and behave." Once they'd promised that they would behave, Fred opened the door and led them in. Hermione was sitting up on a bed, reading a book: at the sight of her family she grinned. Fred shushed his children once more and they walked over to Hermione's bed. 

"Where is she?" Lottie asked in a whisper.

"I'll get her, Mione," said Fred as he saw Hermione trying to get up. Hermione lay back on the bed, still exhausted. Seconds later Fred passed a little baby into her arms.

"Lottie, Olly, meet your little sister." she grinned at them. "This is Ella."

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