4. The Tiny Heartbeat

Hermione's baby was due any day now. She was enormous. 

It was midnight. Hermione stood up. She felt slightly dizzy but forced herself to walk. She was desperate for the loo and felt like she was going to wet herself at any second. The baby's weight pressing downwards made it hard to walk. She didn't want to turn on a light - it would only wake Fred and panic him. Her dizziness made her feel like she was about to faint but she couldn't, she wouldn't. It was getting harder to not wet herself. She stumbled forward in vain - she couldn't hold it in any longer. She stood in the dimly lit corridor feeling relieved and then realised she had just wet herself. She flushed red and started to walk but a sharp pain struck her abdomen and she crumpled to the floor. The wet patch was spreading rapidly. Another sharp pain struck her and she screamed. Fred came hurrying out.

"Fred, no!" whispered Hermione, mortified.

Fred knelt down and put her head in his lap, grinning. "The baby's coming."


Fred was worried by this point. They'd been in St Mungo's for a while and Hermione was in pain. He didn't know what to do. The last hour felt like an age. He looked down at Hermione's paper-white face. She gripped his hand. And then before he even knew it the nurse was placing a tiny baby on Hermione's chest. It opened its mouth and began to mewl like a kitten. 

"Congratulations, Mr and Mrs Weasley! You have a baby girl." 

Hermione looked intensely relieved. She waited a moment and then, her eyes soft and her lips trembling, lifted a hand and wrapped it around the baby. It was a wonderful moment. Fred placed his hand on the baby's chest and felt a tiny heartbeat there. He lifted Hermione's other hand and placed it under his.

"Our baby, Fred." Hermione sounded exhausted. "Our little baby."

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