6. Nobody Messes With A Weasley

"Mum, Mum!" yelled a voice.

Hermione looked round. "Lottie?" Charlotte was now five years old, and preferred to be called Lottie now. Hermione continued as her daughter ran into the room. "How was it in town with Dad?"

"It was really fun, Mum!" said Lottie as she sat down beside Hermione. "But this boy was laughing at my hair."

Hermione put a protective arm around her daughter. "What did you do?" 

At this moment Fred walked into the room. "She punched him," he said, struggling to conceal a grin. "Gave him a black eye and everything, and he was about three years older than her."

Hermione did not find this funny. "Lottie, you know you're not supposed to do that!" she scolded and Lottie's smile faded.

"But, Mum! He laughed at my hair!" she pulled a hand through her flaming red hair which was exactly like her father's, and then cowered from Hermione's glare. "Sorry, Mum. I won't do it again."

Hermione smiled as Lottie jumped up and ran upstairs. Fred sat down next to her. "You shouldn't be so hard on her, Mione."

"I know, but she knows she's not supposed to fight. Plus she should set a better example to her brother." As if on cue, one-year old Oliver came crawling slowly through the doorway. He had only just learned to crawl. Hermione rushed to pick him up and then sat back down cradling him in her lap.

"It's not as if Olly was there." Fred contradicted.

"That's not the point." Hermione sighed. "I'm glad she stuck up for herself and it was mean of that boy, but she's not allowed to fight."

She leaned back, stroking Olly's red hair (which was the same as his father and sister) and Fred laughed. "Nobody messes with a Weasley!" he laughed.

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