7. Christmas Dinner

"We're here!" called Hermione as she opened the door. Olly was bundled in her arms, while Fred and Lottie were by her side. They were all bundled in jackets and hats against the cold winter air - they had decided it was more polite to apostate directly outside the Burrow, rather than inside. Molly Weasley appeared and let them in.  

"Come on in, Fred, Hermione!" she welcomed them each with a hug as they entered. "Hi there, little Olly! Oh Lottie, look how much you've grown!" which made both children grin happily. "Let me take your coats!"

Arthur greeted them too. "Hello again, everyone! Come on in and sit down, the others are already here."

Hermione, still carrying Olly, and Fred, led Lottie into the dining room. Lottie ran to sit down beside her cousin James (who was Ginny and Harry's eldest child and only 6 months younger than her) while Olly was placed in the high chair beside Ginny and Harry's younger son Albus, who was also in a high chair being only a year older than Olly. Hermione and Fred sat with Harry, Ginny, George, Angelina (his wife), as well as Bill, Charlie, Percy, Ron and their wives. A lot of chatter started. Hermione talked to Ginny about the baby Ginny was going to have soon, while the Weasley brothers talked about Quidditch and everyone else made friendly conversation with Mr and Mrs Weasley. Lottie and James talked about lots of things, and played with Albus and Olly.

It was Christmas Day.

"What did you get for Christmas?" could be heard around the table. James had just asked Lottie this.

"Oh, it was cool! I got three Pygmy Puffs from Dad's shop! They're called Jinx, Fluffy and Spot."

"Oh that does sound cool! Well I got a new broomstick!"

"It's not a proper broomstick," Ginny whispered to Hermione, "It only goes a certain height above the ground... but don't tell him that!"

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