5. Charlotte Molly Weasley

"Hey Mione, I'm just gonna contact my mum." said Fred. 

"OK," said Hermione. She was sitting on the sofa cradling their baby. They had just got back home after four days in St Mungo's, and nobody knew about the baby yet. Hermione watched as Fred put a little bit of powder in the fire and stuck his head into it.


"Mum!" Yelled Fred. Mrs Weasley jumped and looked at the fire. 

"Fred!" she kneeled by the fire and looked at her son eagerly.

"Well... I'm sorry I haven't contacted you sooner, Mum, but we've been in St Mungo's for four days." Mrs Weasley looked confused so Fred added: "It's a girl."

Mrs Weasley gave a yell. "Oh, Freddie! A little girl!" then her eyes narrowed. "Wait... you've been in St Mungo's for four days! Is Hermione OK? Is the baby?"

"Hermione was ill for a few days, but she's fine now."

"And do you have a name?"

"Yes, it's Charlotte. Charlotte Molly Weasley."

At this Mrs Weasley was so overcome that tears jumped into her eyes. She got to her feet, yelled "Arthur!" and ran out of the room. Fred pulled his head out of the fire.


Hermione smiled as Fred stood up, rubbing his back. "You told her?"

"Yes, and it didn't half hurt, either!" Fred sat down beside Hermione and Charlotte with a sigh. "It hurts your back sitting like that. Don't ever do it!" 

There was a sudden loud crack in the room. Fred leaned forwards and Hermione hugged Charlotte tighter. They both relaxed when they saw Molly and Arthur Weasley standing in the middle of the room, having just apparated there. 

"Oh, oh, oh!" Molly squeezed her eyes shut and opened then again, then leaned over the baby. "Red hair, already!" she smiled.

"There's no escape!" joked Fred.

"The others will be here soon, I've just told them all."

Before Hermione could even ask, there were several loud cracks. Charlotte started up her tiny mewling cry as all of the Weasleys and the Potters looked over at them. 

"Oh how cute!" squealed Ginny, rushing over. You could barely tell that Ginny was going to have her own baby, but she was and was already obsessed with them. Charlotte's crying continued despite Hermione's efforts. Molly Weasley smiled.

"Let me take her. I've raised seven of my own, so I must be doing something right!" 

With a laugh Hermione passed the baby over and felt a lump rise in her throat as she watched their whole family gathering round her baby.

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