1. Getting To Know Each Other

"You look great," said a voice. Hermione Granger looked round and blushed. It was Fred Weasley, her fiancé. Hermione hid her face behind her hair.

"Thanks, Fred," she told him. 

They were an unlikely coupling, but were going to be married in 2 weeks. At first, Hermione had been reluctant about the marriage - but the law stated that she would have to marry, or be punished. She still wasn't sure, but after getting to know Fred she liked him a lot more than she had done at first. 

"Ron's jealous, you know." said Fred conversationally.

"Is he?" asked Hermione.

"Yeah, he's always had a bit of a thing for you. But I have to go to the shop now... See you later, Mione." Fred stepped forwards, lifted her head in his hands and let their lips brush. Then he left, leaving Hermione confused and blushing more furiously than ever. Fred made her blush, and he'd just kissed her. And he'd called her Mione. Did he really love her? They were getting married after all... but that feeling... did that mean she loved him?

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