Magnificent Century

Helen is a young woman sold as a slave to the Sultan. It is not until she reaches the palace that she throws away her misery. She has one aim: Walk down the golden road, become a favorite, become a Sultana and rule the Ottoman empire.


2. Shumayl Zan


Topcapi Palace

"Dear mother," Said Shumayl Sultan and kissed her hand. "Don't deprive me of your prayers, May Allah keep us from shame. May He allow us to show the strength and justice of the Ottomans to the whole world." He smiled at her and hugged her.

The mother of Sultan wore earrings with black gems, a black gown with black collar and a gold crown connected with a thin black fabric to run down from the hair to the floor. She also wore a silver ring. "May Allah bestow upon you, your throne and your crown longevity. You have my consent. May Allah accept that." She said and her eyes glittered with pride. "I have a caftan prepared for you," She said and turned to her servants "Bring the caftan for my cub."

Gioulfemme bowed to the Sultan, carrying a red front-buttoned coat with gold designs, long sleeves and black fur. 

The Sultan turned his back and faced his sister. "Hatice," She automatically bowed and kissed his hand. "My sister," He kissed her forehead. 

Hatice Sultana wore a hair piece made of gold with emerald gems and pink diamonds. She wore short black earrings and a black dress with long sleeves. She had her hair on one side, her ringlets hanging gracefully. Her brown eyes glowed to her brother.

Shumayl exited the room. 

I am Shumayl. Having lessons in Trabzon with Rumi teachers,

loving the mountains, peaks and stars, playing with numbers, placing knowlegde over the lectern, wondering what he reads, not content with the answers he finds,

revealing what is hidden, starting the craft of jewellery in order to learn patience, combining the light of metal and stone.

As his eyes are dazzled with he light he sees. Deciphering the worthy and the worthless at first glance and never forgetting what he understands.

I am Shumayl.


The Black Sea

The girls are cleaning the floor. There is a storm and the ocean is wild. Helen is sleeping.

She remembers the day at the church, she was sitting behind her mother and Elo was behind her. "I miss you." He whispered to her ear and she responded with "I miss you too." And then he whispered louder than before "We will get married in this church. Your father will marry us, our children will be baptized here." '"Hush, be quiet my mother is looking at us." She whispered soflty.

Then a loud yell of a boy echoed in the church. "The Tatars are here!" Helen was terrified, she looked over to the priest and watched in absolute horror. "Pappa!" She screamed as her father was being murdered. She kept screaming as her mother's life ended. "Mamma!" And she was took by a pair of men in cloaks.

"Murderers!" She shouted and felt something cool and cold hit her. She opened her eyes and she was wet, she panted.

"Wake up, who is the murderer? Are we the murderers? Apologize to us quick!"

"No, not you, not the Ottomans. It was the Tatars!" Irini told them.

"Apologize Helen, don't be stubborn! What are you, a menace?!"

"Helen, apologize or else it will be the end of us." Irini tried.

"The end of us?! What else can happen to me?! My mom, my dad, my Elo... all my loved ones are killed. And I'm sold as a slave to the Crimean palace. As if that wasn't enough, they then sold me to the Ottoman palace," She cried. "What else can there be?! Let him kill me so I'll be saved. I have no one left!"


"That is enough, untie her hands. Let her wash her face and clean up." Said the master on the ship, at midnight. "We can't take them to the palace looking like this."

Helen was rubbing her hands. "Where are we? Are we in the Ottoman hell?" And then she jumped as a loud noise came from outside. She went closer to the small window of the ship to see fireworks over a dark scenery with light none other than the full moon's. Other ships passed by, with lighted torches, slowly and steady. The waters were calmer and a dark shade. The clouds were grey and dark blue on a sky foreign and exotic.

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