Magnificent Century

Helen is a young woman sold as a slave to the Sultan. It is not until she reaches the palace that she throws away her misery. She has one aim: Walk down the golden road, become a favorite, become a Sultana and rule the Ottoman empire.


1. In The Ocean

In my story, the Ottomans aren't the Turkish Empire because they speak English instead of Turkish. However, they do have the same culture; everything is the same apart from the language. There was never such a race, I am aware, but this is fiction and everyone writes what they want.

Yes, it is very loosely based upon 'Suleiman The Magnificent'.

Yes, some names are kept the same because I didn't care to change them. But do not count on the Turkish show because this is my work and things turn out the way want them to. If you never watched the show, that's even better.


The Black Sea

"Dinner! Get in line." Shouts the cook of the ship.

The ship travels to the Sultan's palace with a dozen of young women. The girls are to join the new harem. The quarters of the harem are forbidden to men; only the Sultan has access. The Harem is composed of sex slaves, known as concubines. 

The girls awoke and went for the bread and soup. They wore ripped clothes and were dirty. "Helen, get up and eat." Irini told Helen.

Helen was miserable. She knew it, her life will be a torture from now on. She had curled up in a ball in the corner and ignored Irini.

"Helen, come on. You haven't eaten for days, you'll get sick." Irini said concerned. 

"Irini, Helen come on." Called one of the poor women getting her dinner.

"Don't drink that filthy Ottoman soup!" Helen yelled. "I won't drink even if I die of hunger!"

Irini put a hand on her mouth and made a "Hush" but it was already too late. One of the men grabbed Helen and shouted "Come here, get up! Stuff this soup down your throat!"

"Let go of me! Don't touch me or I'll kill you!" Helen yelled.

"Come again!? What will you do?"

"I'll kill you, you piece of shit!" Helen spat at him. He became furious and slapped her so hard she fell on the other side.

"Tie her up, don't give her anything, not even water." He called to the other men who grabbed her and tied her up to wall of the ship.

"I want to die! Throw me to the sea!" Helen begged.

"You're not allowed to die. You are the Sultan's slave. You cannot die until you reach the palace. Only if he wants, he will have you killed." He stated and left. 

Helen was so angry she said under her breath to Irini, "I pray to Jesus Christ, that the Sultan will perish and his palace collapses!" She panted. 

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