Tell Me A Lie || H.S

Lea DiMaio earns a job as 1D's make-up/hair stylist/choreographer, so she's with them 24/7. All the boys start to develop individual feelings for Lea, without her, or any of them knowing. But there's one boy that Lea has a strong dislike for, Harry Edward Styles.

Harry takes an interest in Lea though. What will happen over time when Lea and Harry begin to bond? Will flames present or flames from the past ruin everything, or make everything better? What ship couple will come out the best?

Lea and Harry, Lea and Niall, Lea and Liam, Lea and Louis, or Lea and Zayn?


1. Meeting Lea

Harry's P.O.V

Simon and Paul greeted us, with friendly smiles. We returned the smiles, and they lead us inside the building. Our choreographer had broken his leg and was going to be out for some time, and Lou couldn't do anything for us because she wanted to spend time with Lux, so Simon and Paul found somebody who was able to do all three, one person, three jobs. Crazy. Absolutely crazy.

"You'll love her." Simon commented.

"I already do." Paul added.

"Is she nice?" Zayn asked.

"She's really nice. A hard worker. Like I said, you'll love her." Simon answered.

"Pretty?" I asked.

Simon and Paul turned around with wide eyes. 

"You'll see." They both said in unison.

I turned to Louis, and all he did was shrug. Whatever Simon and Paul said. They love her, we should too. 

"Well, what's her name?" Liam questioned.

"Lea." Paul and Simon said, in unison, again.

"Lea. Pretty name." Liam said.

"Yea, Lea sounds like the girly version of Liam so of course it would be pretty to you." Zayn joked.

Liam laughed with him, along with Simon, Paul, Niall, and Louis. For some reason I didn't laugh. Guess something was on my mind. He lead us to a room with 'Lea' written on the door, but nobody was in there.

"Check the dance studio. She loves dancing." Paul told Simon.

"Okay." Simon said.

We walked to the dance studio, and heard 'Find You' by Zedd, Miriam Bryant, and Matthew Koma playing, on a pink Beats Pill. We also saw the back of a girl, dancing to the song. Talented dancer. As soon as she spun around, she froze, and then turned the music off.

"Paul....Simon.....One Direction. Hey!" Lea said, putting on her grey hoodie. 

My mouth dropped, as did Zayn's, Liam's, Niall's, and Louis was just staring. Natural beauty 100% Simon and Paul looked at us. Lea smiled, shyly, and started to put her stuff in her bag. 

"So pretty......" Niall mumbled under her breath.

"Hi. I'm Lea." Lea said, walking closer to us.

She shook our hands, and gave Paul and Simon hugs.

"Boys, meet your new hair and makeup stylist, and your new choreographer." Simon said, proudly.

I closed my mouth and widened my eyes. She's our new stylist, and choreographer! We're going to be around her 24/7! That's good and bad. Good: She's talented and beautiful, Bad: We're not going to be able to focus.

Please help us. 

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