Unexpected love

She is a girl who surely doesn't expect what is going to happen. Will he love her for real or was she just like all the girls he got?


2. The concert

It was the day before the concert and Elise was going to spend the night with me. Of course we couldn't sleep so we decided to choose our outfit for the concert.

I was going to wear my white shorts and black crop top from 5sos with black converse and Elise was going to wear her black skirt and white crop top from 5sos with white converse ( I know we wear almost the same).

At midnight we fell asleep and the next day we were awake at noon. We were so nervous and decided to eat and then get ready.

I took a long and hot shower and sang 'she looks so perfect'. When I got out of the shower I did my make up which is just some mascara and a little line of eyeliner ( I like to keep it natural) I put on my outfit and let my hair fall on my shoulders it was wavy.When I got out of the bathroom I heard my mom and Elise shout: " Finally!" I just laughed and walked down the stairs to the living room where they were waiting. "We are going tp leave in 2 minutes" my mom said I nodded and Elise and I would go get our phone and stuff. We quickly ran down the stairs, outside the front door and saw my mom already waiting for us in the car. It was al long ride and when we finally were there there weren't that many people. My mom left en we got in line to enter the building.

~1 hour later~

We were standing in the front row right in front of the main stage and I was so nervous I thought I would faint or something. The moment came and there they were first Luke then Calum, Michael and at last but not least Ashton. I was screaming just like everybody else in the crow, I looked at my left and saw Elise yelling when ashton came and laughed at her reaction, Ashton was her favourite member. Mine was Luke with his beautiful blue eyes and his lip ring that made him so sexy. I know he would never notice me but hey a girl can dream ;)

They said hello to the crowd and started singing 'she looks so perfect' I was singing with them loudly. And then Luke came in front of me in the stage, I stopped singing and became bright red, he was so beautiful. I saw he was looking at me and looked down at my feet because I was so nervous when I looked back up I saw Luke was of the stage, he was right in front of me!!! My eyes went wide and then he wispered in my ear: " Hey beautiful do you want to come backstage with me after i am done?" I nodded wildly and saw hime smiling then I realised Elise was with me and asked shyly : " can she come with me she's my cousin" "of course I'll tell the bodyguards and then they will come and get you" "thank you so much" is said again shyly. "No problem" he said "I think you're gorgeous" I couldn't say anything back because he was already up on stage again. I just stood there frozen till Elise started yelling at me what that was, I told her the story and we were both jumping in eachothers arms screaming.

After 5sos were of the podium and one direction was gonna come up bug guyes in black suits came up to us an told us to come with them. We followed them through halls when they opened the door there was "5sos" written on. I shot a glance at Elise and she smiled nervously at me. When we entered the room I saw the boys sitting in the couch and they all turned around to look at us, Luke came to me and brought me to his clothingroom. I looked at Elise and mouthed sorry at her. She looked scared and I was really sorry for leaving her there but I couldn't say no to Luke.

~Luke's pov~

When i was on stage I saw a girl that was singing with us, she wasn't just a girl though, she had thos beautiful big and vright blue etes that were shining because she was happy her hair was wavy and she had freckles, she was beautiful. I jumped of the stage to go to her and asked her if she wanted to come she became red and nodded i told her that they would come and get her and she smiled, her smile made me feel hot inside. I don't know why but i wanted to kiss her right there and than but i couldn't so i jumped up the stage again and sung further. I wanted this to be done quickly.

When we were done we went to our changingroom and i was waiting nervously. I heard the door open and there she stood i smiled, walked toward her and grabbed her hand to my own private room, i wanted her alone and feld a little bit sorry for her friend leaving her with the guys but i wanted to speak to her.

~Elise's pov~

I was so nervous I was left alone with the boys while Louise was with Luke. I felt Ashton looking at me and I blushed, he was so pretty! When he came to me I started shaking, he gave me a hug and said "sooo, what's your name?" "Elise" i said he smiled at me and introdused me to the other boys. They all gave me a hug and were very nice, then I saw they were playing fifa. " can i play with you guys?" Ashton looked at me shocked " do you like football" "yesss" "well okay then I will be with you in the team and michael and calum will be in a team together" i nodded excitedly and hy just laughed.

I sat down on the ground and ashton came stiing next to me. I could feel his arm touching mine and i felt my heart beating faster by the minute. I looked at him and he had a sly smile i just smiled back shyly. I could feel my cheeks getting hot so i just turned to the tv where we needed to choose our teams.

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