Unexpected love

She is a girl who surely doesn't expect what is going to happen. Will he love her for real or was she just like all the girls he got?


1. me

Hey guys this is my first fan fiction so, sorry if you don't like it but yeah...


Hye, my name is Louise. I know what you think, that's not an english or american or whatever name because it's not. I am from Belgium, a small country in Europe. I am 17 and live with my family. I have bright blue eyes, freckles and ginger/ brown hair.

I don't have any hobbys because I have a lazy ass but I love music (especially 5sos and One direction). So that's enough of me, this is my story:

I was on my computer when I saw one direction was coming to Belgium with 5 seconds of summer and I began shouting for my mom. "Can I go to the concert?!" Of course BUT you have to pau a part of the tickets by yourself and ask Elise if she wants to go with you to than you can stay a night in a hotel together" Elise is my cousin and my best friend i love her so much and I would do anything for her "Okay mom, thanks! I love you!" I quickly called Elise and she agreed immediately I bought the tickets and I was so happy.

I was going to my two favourite bands! Elise was going to spend the night with me the night before the concert and I was already so nervous. But it was another week of waiting :(.

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