Unexpected love

She is a girl who surely doesn't expect what is going to happen. Will he love her for real or was she just like all the girls he got?


3. backstage

Sorry guys, but I still go to school so i am very busy but whenever i can i try to write something, hope you like the story :)


~Luke's pov~

She was so beautiful, the way she stood there nervously looking at the ground, she was hot. All i wanted to do is kiss her, but i won't i won't scare er away i want her to be with me and i don't know why, she's different than the other girls. Other girls i would've just kissed but with her i don't want ye. I want to get to know her.

"So... What are we gonna do?" I say

"Well, maybe you want to get to know me?"

"I would loved to, can we play 20 questions"

"Yeah sure" she says an she goed to the couch, i go sitting next to her and beung asking questions.

"1. Do you have a boyfriend?"

"Nope" she says popping the p sound

"2. Why not, you are gorgeous"

" I don't know boys just don't like me"

" well i think that's stupid" i say and she starts blushing. She looks so cute when she blushes.

"Okay, question 3 now"

"Okay, do you like 5sos"

"No i am just here because of my cousin" she says in a serious tone.

"Oh, okay"

"I am kidding you idiot, i love you guys!" And she starts lauging, i join to.

"You are gonna pay for that girl" i say " do you like tickling?"


"Oh okay" i attack he an begin tickling she screams and i laugh


"Stop pleaseee!"

When i stop i am hovering over her. I look in her eyes and she stares in mine. She has beautiful eyes. I look at her lips and decide to do it. I'm gonna kiss her. I kiss her softly and her lips are so soft, i smile between the kiss and break it. She becomes bright red and say " okay question 4"

I laugh " how old are you"


"What are your hobby's?"

" i don't really have them but i listen a lit to music and sing a bit"

"Favourite animal?"


"Omg i love you already!"

She smiles shyly and becomes a little red

"Question 7, do you think i'm hot?"

"C'mon luke, do i have to answer that?"

"Yes you do"

" yes i think you are very hot okay?"

"Okay" i say with a grin on my face.

"8. Did you like that kiss"

She started blishing and i had a smile on my face

"Yes" she wispers

"9. Can i do it again"

"Maybe" i grin, cup her haid in my hands and start kissing her softly.She kisses back. I can feel the hot running through my veins. I never had this before, it feels weird but amazing, i feel so happy when i kiss her.

~louise's pov~

He starts kissing me softly, my heart starts beating faster en i kiss him back he has soft lips. I wanted more so i bit his lip ring, when i did he moaned and licked my lip for entrance. Once his tongue was in, i let him be in charge. It was amazing. I can't believe i am making out with luke hemmings! And he was so sweet i don't like him because he's famous, i don't know why i like him. I feel happy with him.

He let go my lips and started kissing my neck, he found my weak spot and i moaned. I didn't want to do that already so i lift his head u with my hands and kissed him one more time before letting go. He groaned and i just smiled. I laid my head on his shoulder and he put his arm around my waist. We started watching mean girls. I love that movie.

~ ashton's pov~

Elise is beautiful. We won the game and i hugged her tightly, luckily she hugged back " hey ashton i am gonna go to the hotel i am tired" "okay" we went to go get Louise and when we came in we saw Luke and Louise in the couch watching a movie, her head on his shoulder and his arm around her waist.

"Louise" Elise said. They both turned around and she asked if they could go to the hotel. Luke instantly said he would drop them of." I will go with you" i looked at Elise and she smiled at me. Have i told you already about her smile? Well it is amazing let me tell you that, she gives me butterflies. They nodded and we headed out.

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