Niall and Haniah were high school Pen Pals . Haniah lived in Worcestershire with her best friend Harry Styles, well before he was in One Direction and went on tour, whilst Niall was from Mullingar -Ireland. But with a surprise visit from Harry, she just might find out that Niall is hiding a secret from her. Maybe he isn't exactly who he says he is...


1. Prolouge

Haniah's POV:

"Hannnnnniiiiiiiaaaaaaahhhhhh! waaaakkkkeeee uuuuuuup!" Harry yelled whilst jumping on my bed, kinda like a child who just realised it's Christmas day. I groaned and shoved my head deeper into the pillow, pretending I didn't hear him.

"No your not sleeping! We have school in one hour and you still need to make me breakfast!" He said and started to tickle my sides.Giving up I opened my eyes to instantly be met by Harry's. His eyes were a very electrifying shade of green.

"Good morning Harold" I said staring straight into his eyes. That always had an effect on him. He chuckled and got off me so I could get up.I got up and felt an intense pain in my stomach. Great. My period. Thankyou mother nature! *Note Sarcasm*

"Why are your eyes so purple? 'cause when you look into my eyes it's like your staring into my soul or some shit like that"  He said as I made my way to my walk-in wardrobe. I just laugh.He always asks this question. 

"Harry that's like me asking why you're a boy" I said grabbing some Jean Shorts and my shirt that has a peace logo on it:

 After showering and putting on very little makeup (eyeliner and foundation) I walked in to the kitchen of mine and Harry's flat. Me and Harry are 16 so we decided to move out. I moved out because my parents got divorced and they both didn't want me. I moved into this flat and Harry decided to move in with me to keep me company.No we are not dating. He is my best friend. I walked into the kitchen to see Harry attempting to make toast. Me struggling to keep in my laughter just walked up to him and turned the switch on.

"See. This is why I need you. You can cook" Harry said taking a seat at the breakfast bar, letting me make toast.

"Harry, I can cook but there is a difference between knowing to cook and having a brain. Seems like you got neither" I replied laughing.

"Meanie" Harry said sticking his tongue out at me.

"Hey! Today we get our Pen Pals"  I reminded Harry. Our school ,Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School, thinks that this would be an excellent way for us to 'Improve our Social manner'.yeah right! I think that my school is perfectly social as it is.

"Oh yeah.I wonder who I'll get" Harry replied now putting Strawberry jam on the toast and biting into it. He looked down at his watch and his eyes widened.

"Shit we're late aren't we?" I asked.This happens every morning.

"Yep . If we set off now we will still be 10 minutes late" He said grabbing our jackets tossing me mine.


We arrived at school and rushed to class.

"Hurry up Harry! If were later than we are now we might miss getting our PenPals!" I said rushing to the Humanities department of the school. Harry caught up to me out of breath. We made it outside of the classroom.

"Wait for a minute, I need a breather" Harry said trying to catch his breath. He nodded his head, signalling me to open the door. I opened the door to see all eyes on me and Harry. 

"Sorry we're late sir" I said to Mr.Green, Our RE teacher. I saw Kennedy ,the popular girl, at the back of the classroom with her two minions smirking at me. I rolled my eyes at sat down, hoping this day would go faster.

"Ok students. I will hand you a slip of paper with your PenPals Email username on it" Mr.Green said whilst handing out the little slips of paper. I got mine and immediately looked to see who it was.

"Hey! who'd you get? Mine's someone called 'Heyy_It's_Cazz' from America" Harry said showing me his paper.

"Nice! Mine's..." I opened the paper."...'Niall_The_Leprechaun' From Ireland" I said laughing slightly at the username.


Niall's POV    (You weren't expecting that were you!)

 "Right class! Time for PenPals!" Mr.Lynch, My RE teacher said. 

"I hope I get a cute guy!" Brooklyn , my girlfriend of six months, said. I just looked at her. Seriously. Why does she do this? We got our slips and Brooklyn snatched mine before I could look at it.

"You got Haniah's_Purple_Eyes From England" I quietly chuckled at the name. Brooklyn must have seen my trying not to laugh out loud because she shoved her paper in my face.

"I got Chris_The_Hottie From Ireland. So I can actually meet up with this guy" She said clearly trying to make me jealous. I rolled my eyes.

"Oh and I want you to switch your PenPal to a guy" She said smiling innocently.

"What!? Why?" I said surprised that she thinks that she can boss me around. 

"Well I don't want you to associate with any other girls"She replied. 

"Why are you being so hypocritical about this!?" I shot back.

"Me? Hypocritical? How?" She retorted. Wow. Is she that oblivious?

"Well for one you have a GUY PenPal so why would it matter if I have a girl? She lives in England anyway so how would I meet her?" I thundered. Brooklyn really aggravates me sometimes.

"Urg.Fine whatever" She mumbled and turned away. This was going to be a long day...


Harry's POV

Last period Maths sucks. I barley understand it whilst Albert fucking Einstein (AKA Haniah) next to me is scribbling her way through the page. 

" Psst. Haniah!" I whisper-yelled. She looked up from the page and furrowed her eyebrows.

"What Harry?"

"Help me! Please"

"Urg.Fine! What are you stuck on?"

"I don't get where the-" I was cut off by a piece of paper hitting Haniah's head.She uncrumpled the paper and her eyes scanned it. She looked back at Kennedy,who I am assuming threw the piece of paper and her purple eyes filled with tears. She hid her face with her Dark purple hair.I grabbed the paper from her and looked at it. It read:









It's not a surprise your parent's didn't want you. I wouldn't want you either, Demon eyes.

I looked at Haniah,who was literally on the verge of tears and put an arm around her. This wasn't the worst. You'd probably think that they wouldn't sink any lower. Nope. They even beat her up a few times. Just because she was different. It was mostly because her eyes were an unusual shade of purple .She was actually Kennedy's best friend too. That was until High school. Then she ditched us. She offered Haniah to be one of her 'besties' AKA her minions. Haniah refused because it would have meant she would have had to leave me. Kennedy spread a rumour that the only reason Haniah had purple eyes was because she was possessed by a demon. It's fucking ridiculous. Since then they gave her hell.


Haniah's POV

As soon as the bell rang for dismissal I shot up and ran out of the classroom.I rushed to my locker,trying to avoid running into Kennedy. I got to my locker to see the witch herself with her two minions Sarah and Karen.

"Hey girls, Look it's the demon!" Kennedy snickered. I just ignored them and went to my locker. I opened it and put my books in it before Sarah slammed in shut.

"Don't try and ignore us Haniah" She hissed. Then Karen came and threw a punch to my stomach.Shit. I was on my knees and in pain. They would have done a lot more damage if Harry hadn't been walking towards his locker,which was right beside mine. He saw me on the floor in pain and his eyes widened in horror.

"What the fuck is wrong with you Kennedy? How much lower are you willing to stoop?" He yelled, crouching beside me and helping  me.

"That's a question you should be asking the demon-possessed girl you call a 'best friend' and I will do whatever it takes for her life to be hell, where she belongs" She spat. That's it. I can't do this any more .I have had enough of her shit. She wants me dead? Fine. I ran. I ran from Harry.From Kennedy and her minions. After a good 10 minutes of running I found it. The place I always came to clear my head. The bridge. I took off my bag and jacket and threw them to a side. I got to the edge of the bridge. I took a deep breath. As I was about to jump I felt arms wrap around my waist,  pulling me back.

"Please,Haniah don't do this" Said a deep voice. Harry. 

"Why Harry!? Everyone wants me dead so why don't I just give them what they want!?" I exclaimed tears now streaming down my face.

"Please, listen Haniah. I need you Ok! You're like my sister. If you go, I go."He said tears forming in his bright green eyes.

"It's Hard Harry...." I trailed off.

"No one said it would be easy but when we get through it, it had to be together. Promise me Ok? Just promise" Harry said wiping my tear stained cheek.

"Just as long as it's with you. I promise. I have so much to tell but no way to tell it. Like what I feel cannot be processed into words."I sighed.

"Pinky Promise?" Harry said holding his pinky out to me.

"Double Pinky Promise" I said. We pinky promised. A smirk instantly appeared on Harry's face like he just remembered something.

"What's up Harry?" I asked.

"I have Chocolate,Ice cream and Chick-Flicks at home so please don't kill me" Harry said still smirking.

"Hmm...What flavour Ice-Cream?"

"Cookie Dough"

"I shall spear thee! But how'd you know?" 

"Oh I don't know maybe because you wrote it on the calendar really big and in red pen"


"Now come on! Which Chick Flick first? I kinda liked 'The Vow'"

"You're extraordinHARRY did you know that? But I love you"

"Aww thanks bae! I love you too! But we have Chocolate , Ice Cream and Chick Flicks waiting  for us" 

We walked home arm in arm that day and I knew that I truly did have the best friend of all time...

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------    A/N

Heyy! This is my first fanfic on Movella! I just wanna say that this chapter is specially dedicated to 1DEsarangXhajaO because she is my bae and I love youuuu <3 So please comment on what you think because that helps me :P byeeee xoxo

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