Niall and Haniah were high school Pen Pals . Haniah lived in Worcestershire with her best friend Harry Styles, well before he was in One Direction and went on tour, whilst Niall was from Mullingar -Ireland. But with a surprise visit from Harry, she just might find out that Niall is hiding a secret from her. Maybe he isn't exactly who he says he is...


2. Chapter One

Haniah's POV

I wake up to the sound of my alarm clock. I shot up out of bed. Harry comes back from tour today! I showered and dressed into this:

I shuffled around the apartment. It has been awfully quiet since Harry left. We talk everyday though. I heard my phone vibrate, signalling that I have  a message. I picked up my phone and unlocked it. It was Niall, My penpal from high school. We always talked on kik.

Just Niall: Heyy!

Yoyo Haniah: Sup ;)

Just Niall: Nm bored af though...Plz entertain mee :p

Yoyo Haniah: So you text me bc you're bored? :3 I'm offended

Just Niall: Aww I didn't mean it! :3

Yoyo Haniah: Ik Ik

Just Niall: Bc you amazballs

Yoyo Haniah: Hells yeah! and don't you forget it!

Just Niall: You live in Worcestershire right?

Yoyo Haniah: Creepy question..But yeah why? :p

Just Niall: Bc I am staying at a friends place there for a while :)

Yoyo Haniah: SRSLY!? XD 

Just Niall: Yeah XD my friend lives there with his best friend

Yoyo Haniah: That's great! We could finally meet up then!

Just Niall: Yes! Perfect! I have to go now though, talk later k?

Yoyo Haniah: Defo! Byeeeeee x

Just Niall: Byeeeeee x


Niall's POV

"Niall Horan! we are gonna miss our flight!" Liam scolded.

"Ok! Fine let's go" I said shoving my phone in my pocket after saying goodbye to Haniah.

"Ooh! Was Niall talking to Lover Girl?" Louis teased. I blushed as everyone laughed.

"Dude you're totally whipped!" Harry said patting me on the back.

"Says you! You can't stop talking to Cazz" I said , causing Harry to blush. Harry was crazy about Cazz, the funny thing was , they never met up.

"Anyway, Harry tell us about this Haniah that we're gonna meet" Zayn said, whilst wrapping his arms around Melissa (His girlfriend) and pecked her cheek. I smiled. One day I wish for a relationship like that. I want to find my princess. As we boarded the flight Harry was rambling on about his best friend. This was gonna be a long ride....


Haniah's POV 

I was waiting at the gate Harry told me. I was searching for a guy with brown curly mess for hair. I didn't have to search long because within minutes I was engulfed in a big hug.

"HANIAH!!!" Harry yelled hugging me tighter.

"Um..Harry? I know you guys are having a moment but I think she needs air.." An Irish Voice spoke. Harry immediately let go. I caught my breath.

"I know you missed me and all...But daymn!" I said making everyone laugh. I hugged Harry properly.

"I missed you too Harry" I whispered. We pulled away to see 7 pairs of eyes on us.

"Okay Haniah This is Louis, The sass queen

Elenor, the one who puts up with Louis

Liam, The sensible one

Sophia, the one who get Liam to do crazy things

Zayn, The 'bad boy'

Melissa, The one who has tamed the 'bad boy'

and last but not least Niall, The Irish man who is always hungry" Harry explained whilst we were walking to my car and Harry's car.

"Ok how about the girls go with Haniah and the guys go with me" Harry ordered. Elenor,Sophia and Melissa hopped into my car. We were silent until Melissa spoke up.

"Haniah, what type of music do you like?" Melissa asked. I immediately smiled. Music is my favourite topic.

"I'm mostly into punk rock but I like some pop music.....and a little Kpop"I muttered the last part. Not alot of English people liked KPOP so I never really brought it up. Melissa however started fangirling and hugged me.

"YESSS! SOMEONE ELSE WHO LIKES KPOP!!!" She yelled happily. I was nearly off the right lane, resulting in a car almost hitting us.

"Jesus Christ Melissa! Calm down because I don't wanna die!" Sophia scolded trying to , and failing, to contain her laughter.

"Sorry Haniah. I just got happy." Melissa said giving me an apologetic look.

"It's fine. If you said that to me I would have probably done the same" I replied smiling.

" Within 20 minutes we arrived at the flat. I walked in to find Harry looking through my KPOP albums.

"Harry! Drop.The.Albums" I said glaring at him playfully.

"Okay but what's 'EXO and Girls Generation and TVXQ!'?" He asked oblivious that they were precious to me.

"It's KPOP. Korean pop music. now come on! Let's sort sleeping arrangements" I said dragging Harry out of the room and into the living room.

"Okay guys here's the plan. Zayn and Melissa you guys get the first guest bedroom, Louis and Elenor get the second. Liam and Sophia the last one, Niall and Haniah share Haniah's room and I get my room" Harry said with a satisfied smile. I rolled my eyes and my phone buzzed.

Just Niall: Heyhey :p

Just Haniah: Hiiii :p

Just Niall: Heyy! You stole my kik name!

Just Haniah: Hah! :p

PhenomiNIALL: How do you like that?

Just Haniah: Clever...Very clever ;)

PhenomiNIALL: Ikr ;)

Just Haniah: Can you please facetime me?

PhenomiNIALL: No

Just Haniah: Why?

PhenomiNIALL: If you see me then you might not like me the way you do now...

Just Haniah: I would never like you any less...Unless you're a 40 year old rapist ;)

PhenomiNIALL: You mean that?

Just Haniah: With every star in the sky :)

PhenomiNIALL: Maybe one day.. I just need time :)

Just Haniah: Understood :p

PhenomiNIALL: I need food :/

Just Haniah: Hmm...Me too! XD

Niall Wants Food: What to eat?....

Haniah Loves Nando's: NANDOOO'S!!!!

Niall Wants Food: Yasss! Defo XD

"Niall! Jesus Christ! Do you want food?" Harry yelled at me.

"Obviously Harry!" I said making my way to him.

"What shall we eat?" Zayn asked.

"Nando's" Me and Haniah said in unison. They all looked weirdly at us before shrugging it off.

"To Nando's!" Louis said walking towards the door.


Harry's POV

I was bored of watching everyone being all mushy with each other so I decided to text Cassia (Cazz Harry's penpal).

Harry Potter: Hiiiiiii :p

Cazz the sass queen: Sup? :p

Harry Potter: Nm. Just tired of all my friends acting all PDA people! :)

Cazz the sass queen: OMG ikr! I kinda gets annoying when you're a single pringle ;)

Harry Potter: Sure does.....WAIT! Single Pringle? :'D

Cazz the sass queen: Yes. Don't judge the awesomness XD

I'm ExtrodinHARRY: So awesome XD

Cazz the sass queen: I see your username....Clever. Very clever ;)

I'm ExtrodinHARRY: Ikr ;) I gtg talk later k?

Cazz the sass queen: okaii byeeee xx

I'm ExtrodinHARRY: Byee xx

Okay can you be in love with someone that you have not met in person? Because if so, I think I have...



Well hi there! Just want to say that the characters might/might not randomly change their kik names ;)....I find it amusing and if you don't....Just fucking deal XD .I'M SO FRIENDLY I KNOW! yeah peacout :p




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