A secret

Amber and Luke leads a happy life together . Hovever , one day , Calum confessed to Amber about his feelings . Will amber goes to Luke or Calum ?
#Lamber ? #Calber ?


1. Best Friends

- Calum's POV 

      "Calum,can we remain like this forever?"she asked.

     "Yes Amber.You know that I will always be here for you"i said to her while playing with her hair. 

Amber and I have been friends since we are young.She doesn't know that everytime I been there for her is because i like her. To be exact , its love <3 . But there's this one problem , She likes Luke and Luke likes her too since we in high school.I introduced her to my friends , Ashton , Michael and Luke . That's when Luke asked me to give his number to Amber . Since then , they been closed to each other . A few days ago , Luke asked for our help to set up a dinner for Amber . He wants to confessed to Amber . That night after dinner , Luke confessed to her so does Amber . So right now , Amber and Luke are together . A pang of jealousy strikes me tho . Amber and I went silent . A few minutes later , the silence broke . 


- Amber's POV

I was lying on Calum's bed when my phone vibrated . I slip my hand into my pocket to take my phone . I got a message from Luke.

L-Hey Amber . wanna go to the movies ?

A-Yea sure .

L-I'll pick you up at 7 then .

A-Yea sure . I'm at Calum's house. 

L-Great . I'll pick u up there.

A-Yea ok .

L- GTG . love you babe .

A-Yea Yea.llyt

      "Calum , Luke will be picking me up 7 . He is taking me to the movies."I told him.

"Yea sure . Amber may I asked you something?"He asked.

"sure."i replied giving him the "what" look . 


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