Chloe is a girl from Belfast. She goes to the janoskians concert and gets meet and greet to meet her favourite people ever. But she didn't get treated like just another fan.


2. The Surprise.

I felt a cold breeze on my face as I heard doors opening. Suddenly there was a roar of screaming and hands grabbing at me. Security kept shouting to get everyone back. I heard bus doors opening and then heat hit me and it felt amazing. I got set down into a soft seat alone with the scarf still around my eyes. I then herd the boys get on the bus and shooing fans off. The door then closed and started moving.

'Can we take her bind fold off yet?' Asked Jai. I heard nothing but I guessed that someone nodded because after Jai had asked he whipped the blindfold off my face.

'Surprise!' The boys all yelled.

'What are we doing? Where are we going?' I asked in a panic looking all around me.

'You my dear fan, are coming with us' said Beau proudly.

'What about my family? What did you need to phone my mum for?' I asked concerned.

'We asked her so it wasn't much of a kidnapping session. More of an adopting session' explained Ronnie Diamond.

'So basically one or two of you are my dads and the rest are my brothers now?' I asked

'Yup!' Said Beau happily

'Who are the parents then?' I asked. Beau and Daniel smirked at each other and the boys looked at them too. 'Oh, god. This is gonna be one heck of a new life.' I sighed. The boys all laughed. 'So where and when am I going to school?' I asked.

'Oh crap.' Daniel said. 'We didn't think of that. Who needs school anyway?'

Everyone looked at Daniel. 'Anyone who doesn't want to be like you.' Said Beau and Daniel just sighed and agreed.

'My twitter is blowing up. Everyone is asking who big rib was carrying.' Said Jai.

'Same with mine' the rest of the boys chorused.

'We should all say that we kidnapped her and see the fans reactions.' Suggested Luke. The boys looked down at their phones and then suddenly my phone started going wild. My mentions were blowing up with people saying how lucky I was and that they wished they were me. And others saying that I didn't deserve it or that I was just using them. Before I met the boys in person they taught me to block the haters and listen to the lovers. But they also taught me not to put snots in Jais donuts or that if you be sick you get meat thrown at you. I giggled a little and the boys gave me some weird looks.

(Sorry for the short chapter I'm pretty tired and I wrote some on this in school and some in bed :/ DONT JUDGE MEH!)

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