Chloe is a girl from Belfast. She goes to the janoskians concert and gets meet and greet to meet her favourite people ever. But she didn't get treated like just another fan.


1. The meet and Greet

After a few hours of getting pushed around and getting water threw at me from the boys, they took their final bow and before they walked off stage Beau said,"Anyone with yellow wristbands stay on the floor for your meet and greet."

I was here on my own but had the time of my life. I was about to walk out of the hall until someone told me I had a yellow wrist band on. I freaked out. I didn't even notice when I was putting it on. I asked if I could go last as I was on my own and wanted the last moment with the boys so they could remember me.


A few hours went by and I was the last person waiting. Finally it was my turn. The boys were all sitting down, drinking water. "Hi", I said. They all jumped up in surprise. I giggled a little bit.


"Hey there!" said Jai. I loved Jai the most. I don't know why, I just do. I stood there smiling like and idiot for what was probably 5 minutes because the boys were laughing so hard. I soon tuned back in.


"So you gonna come sit down?" asked James.


"Oh sorry, I just couldn't believe I was actually here." I walked over the the boys and gave each one a present and a note. "Sorry its not much," I said.


"Aww it's just enough beautiful," said Luke picking me up. All the boys were soon up thanking me. 


"So when do you start back to school then?" asked Daniel. 


"On Tuesday, two days until hell, so now would be a very appropriate time to kidnap me" I joked. I saw the guys exchange smiles. "Whats going on?" I asked confused.


"We have a... Surprise for you after this." Beau said. "Your phone?" Asked Beau. I nodded and unlocked my phone and gave it to him. He scrolled through my contacts and walked out of the room with the phone up to his ear.


The rest of the boys opened their presents to reveal a hand drawn picture in a frame each, a picture of me (don't ask) and a small box of chocolates. "Thank you so much Chloe!" they all yelled and ran towards me. Jai hugged me first and was soon joined with Daniel, then Luke then James.I was then tackled to the floor. I started getting tickled and I started screaming. Beau then walked in and all the boys jumped up. 


"The surprise is confirmed!" said an excited Beau.


"What did you do?" I asked.


"Just phoned your mum to ask her about if we can carry out the surprise."


The boys all got excited. "Open your freaking preasent now Beau!" Yelled James, "Your gonna love it!"


Beau picked up his present and unwrapped it. He looked through everything. "This is amazing Chloe!" he said.  


"Guys, Its time to go," said Ronnie Diamond walking in.


"Hey Ronnie" I said, waving. Ronnie waved back smiling.


"Ronnie, I need to talk to you," said Beau trailing poor Ronnie out of the room.


"So are you ready for your surprise then?" Asked Jai.


"Yeah, I guess so. But I'm confused to why you are Surprising me. I'm just a fan..." I said.


"We just thought it would be nice. We all saw you while we were on stage and decided to surprise you since you were on your own." explained Daniel.


"Need help packing?" I asked


"No your ok" They all said. Suddenly a scarf was threw over my eyes. I screamed.


"Its ok, its your surprise." said Jai while he picked me up trying to calm me. "Im going give you to Big Rob now. He will get you there better than I will." suddenly A strong arm picked me up and put me over his shoulder. He then started walking towards the door.


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