The Love in Lochspring.

Lochspring, the world where the Elves are living in. Protected with a ward around their lands so no harm will come to them. Draco, the lands prince is now 17 year old and need to search out for his mate. What happens when some strange creature got under the ward? Will his parents kill it? Or will Draco find the creature far more interesting? (Warning: Yaoi! BoyxBoy. Drarry ship! )


1. Creature through the ward.

Hey Readers. I made up a new story, but mostly because it's long time ago i made a Drarry Fanfic! 

A short information. The names i made up to the different things, is what i will use in the coming chapters. I will down below give a information if needed.

Anyway, i will just say Enjoy The Chapter! :3 



Chapter 1. Creature through the ward.


It had been a normal day in the elves world, the weather were great. The sun stood high above the sky, and shone down upon the castle in Lochspring. On the balcony sat a 17 year old Elf prince, his blonde short hair covert a bit of his left eye, while he were watching over the garden below.

He saw his mother down there, making a few waves with her hands to make the magical touch about the garden. She always loved being out there, even when his father were busy with some other stuff.

His eyes went over to the gates, he saw some of the guards running up toward Castlelea, the castle that he and his parents lived in. It could only mean one thing, someone was near Shorewick. That means two things, even a dangerous creature broke through their ward or then one of their own have walked out from the ward.

Of course, he wasn’t in age to know such things yet. His father always told him to wait until he got in age, but even so, he do like to hear about the things going on.

Their world Lochspring was isolated and in protection from the outside world, he never know what is out there. He had only heard tales about it, even some horror stories about the other world.

The young prince stood on his balcony for a very long time, he still like to watch over the hills. He could just make out the shape of the town from Springtown, the clock tower had been there in ages. Draco were lucky to have a room, which faced toward the town, it was his way to see if it still would be there the next day.

A knock were on his door, the young prince turned and walked inside his room.

“Come in.” He called, his voice gently and soft. He took a seat on his bed, as he saw his mother and father got inside.

“Draco, how are you today?” His father asked, while his mother smiled kindly at him.

“Great father, even though I have wanted to get out for a while. I know that I can’t, but the wish is always there. What have I done to earn your both company in my bed chambers?” Draco asked, he raised an eyebrow to show his curious side.

“Your mother and I have discussed something, I think it’s time for you to have the truth behind our strong wards. I want you to be aware of what dangerous, disgusting creatures there is behind our wards.” Lucius explained, he had stepped near to his son and held out his hand.

Draco took it right the way, he got on his feet as he felt his father’s soft touch. Lucius do only care about his son’s safety, he never laid a hand over him, not even as a punishment.

“I saw the guards some minutes ago father, they were running. Is there something or someone who broke pass our ward?” Draco asked, his grey eyes looked up at his father while his pointed ears raised to listen closer.

“Sadly, I wanted to keep our land safe. But another creature have gone through our wards. The guards nearby the place they found it, knocked it out and brought it to the castle.” Lucius explained, he had held his hand at Draco’s cheek.

“I want you to watch, Draco. That our kind is the strongest, we will question the other creature to how he broke into the wards. Then we will kill it after that, there is no point to keep it around here.” Lucius explained, he had looked back at Narcissa to make sure she still agreed on it.

With a node from her, Lucius held Draco along.

“We shall go now, you shall be there at my side Draco.” Lucius said, he had let go again as soon Draco were walking on his own.

“Of course father, I will not miss this by any chance.” Draco replied, he smiled softly at his mother when he walked beside her.

They both had let Lucius walk ahead, since they needed the prisoner up from the dungeon again. (Which they had placed it in)

“I was hoping you would had found your mate soon, Draco darling. It’s in your age to start and feel the connection to your mate, you are certain you haven’t felt anything yet?” Narcissa asked, she had smiled softly at Draco, her hand went to Draco’s arm.

“I have not felt a thing mother, even though I will admit I don’t know what I should feel.” Draco explained, he sighed, as he looked ahead for him right after.

“It’s a thing you only feel when you see your mate.” Narcissa explained, she patted her hand on Draco’s.

“I remember when I found your father as my mate, I was out hunting in the forests of Fallwolf. My aim were on a deer, but I couldn’t kill it since another arrow hit it before I could aim proper.” She explained, Narcissa’s smile being so warm and gently as she spoke, even her hand got on her heart, almost as if she felt something warming around it.

“He stepped out from the trees, getting to his prey. I can only remember that my heart beat fast, my mind went off as everything around me vanished. It was like it only were him and me in the world.” She explained where she chuckled softly.

“Here I stand and speak about it, yet we are on our ways to question the creature from behind the wards. We will have this speak later, Draco darling.” She said softly, while she looked at her son.

Draco only smiled, he leaned over to his mother and pressed a soft kiss at her cheek.

“Of course mother, I’m happy that you did share your memory about it. Maybe it can help me to feel it, or maybe just give me a hint about what I can feel.” The young prince explained, he chuckled a bit right after as he let go at his mother.

“You will see soon, but for now we should get in the Throne room.” Narcissa explained, she made a hand for Draco to walk along.

It only took them a few more minutes before they arrived at the throne room, Draco and Narcissa went up to Lucius. They stood by his side, where guards were in the throne room as well.

They would be a safety, just in case the creature from outside the wards had some sort of dark spells or magic upon them. Maybe even if it tried to attack, who knows what they could do?

Draco looked at the double oak door, he bite his lower lip, as he saw two guards opened it. Another two guards dragged the creature in, the sound of feet being dragged along the floor echoed through the room.

Thumb… Thumb… Thumb.

His heart were beating weird, it had never done that before. Was he getting ill? Draco held his hand at his chest, he could feel his heart beating the weird rhythm.

Thumb…Thumb… Thumb.

His grey eyes went to the creature, the two guards make it kneel in front at the three royal Elves. A sack were over its head, why was it that?

“Draco…” His mother’s voice spoke, but Draco kept his eyes fixed on the creature kneeling before them.

The sack were removed, it looked like a human being by face. Black messy raven hair, emerald green eyes and a very soft feature at his face.

Thumb! Thumb! Thumb! Thumb!

Draco could hardly hear his father’s voice speak, he couldn’t handle but lock the whole world away from him and only stare at the creature before him.

He looked scared, afraid of what were happening around him. Draco had a sudden need to comfort the creature, make sure it would give a smile or be happy.

Thumb! Thumb! Thumb! Thumb! Thumb!

“Draco, do you pay attention?” Lucius asked, he had taken out his sword from the case it belonged to.

“As you see, he denies to tell how he got through our wards near Shorewick. I can spot a lie when I see it, he clearly speak a lie.” Lucius said, he then raised his sword up in the air.

Thumb! Thumb! Thumb! Thumb! Thumb!

“Draco, are you unwell?” Narcissa asked, her hand reached to Draco.

Draco didn’t want to listen, he leaped forward and ran in front at his father.

“STOP!” He shouted out, as he held his arms out in front at the raven haired boy. He were facing his father, his eyes narrowed slightly, but even Lucius could see something were wrong.

“You are stopping me for killing this useless disgusting creature?” Lucius asked, his arm slowly lowered the sword.

“How come, my son?” Lucius asked, his voice firm and sternly. However, Draco know that his father wasn’t mad at him. This was the first time he ever should watch a creature being killed, was it guilt? A feeling of pity for the creature?


“I won’t let you kill him, because I believe he is my mate, father.” His voice echoed through the room, each guard heard it and even the creature behind him.

If it was true, he wouldn’t let his mate be killed in front at him. Those were only a one life experience, they would never appear again. 


End of the chapter. What do you guys think?

Lochspring: The land where the elves are living in.

Springtown: The city nearby the castle, which also are named Castlelea (The castle is named that :P )

Shorewick: The river nearby the forest. It's there the ward mostly are weak at, so the guards need to be around there to have a watch over it.

Fallwolf: Are the forest nearby the river, at Fall there appear a lot of wolves, which the elves love and care for.

That's the information for now. Remember to comment! 


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