Forbidden Love (Janoskians fanfic)

She's an English girl, he's an Australian boy ... what could possibly go wrong?

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7. Chapter 7 - Rumours

Chapter 7 - Rumours

After music there was a 15 minute break and then I had English with Georgia and the other year 12’s. I don’t think I can handle seeing both twins straight after the other. I headed into the staff room to get a cup of tea and sat down round the table, knowing after English I had lunch and two free periods to complete my Uni work, I might just go home and work from there, I thought to myself. I checked my phone and I had 2 minutes to get to class. I finish my tea and washed my cup through and headed to Room 5. I pass a couple of students and they are all staring at me, do I have something on my face?

I took the seat behind my desk and I noticed there was a note on my desk. Oh shit, I hadn’t even replied to Luke’s other one yet. I wonder what he’d put in this one?

I opened it up and gasped.


I crumpled it up and through it in the bin. Stay away from him? He was always the one running into me; I’d never initiated conversation with him. Was this from Luke? Or someone else? The bell rang making me jump and Mrs. Jones and the students headed in. I seen Daniel come in and he give me a big grin, followed by Luke who didn’t even look once my way. That’s strange.

Georgia came in looking desperate to tell me something but it would have to wait because Mrs. Jones had told them to partner into pairs of one boy and one girl and discuss Romeo and Juliet and discuss the following question -

‘Compare and contrast the characters of Romeo and Juliet. How do they develop throughout the play? What makes them fall in love with one another?’

They had all lesson to do this and then write up their full report as homework. I wandered round the room stopping at Daniel, he was partnered with a girl named Charlotte much to my dismay that he wasn’t with Georgia.

“How you feeling?” he asked.

“Sore” I laugh. “my body is so bruised!”

Charlotte looks confused.

“I was running yesterday when Jai literally ran into me knocking me off my feet and my body literally slammed into the ground, it’s fine though.” I fill her in.

She rolls her eyes at me, “oh so it wasn’t having sex with Jai then?!”

I remember the conversation from Drama, and laugh “no not at all! I don’t know who told you that, but I was definitely there and it was definitely not that.”

“Oh okay, sorry that’s what I’ve been told” she looks sympathetic.

“I was definitely there and I would of remembered if sexy time happened” Daniel grins.

I get up and walk off to see Georgia beckoning me over, I walk over and sit on the edge of the desk, “what’s up?”

“So everyone’s saying that you and Jai slept together last night and that’s how you got hurt and then today in music Jai sang a song to you in front of everyone!” she whispers loudly.

Her partner Joel looked very interested in this girly gossip, I shot my eyebrows up at him and he started pretending to write.

My cheeks flush “the last bits true but I had no idea until it happened but you know for a fact nothing happened last night! You were there! How the hell does everyone know?”

“My one guess would be Alyssandra, but I heard just by word of mouth” she shrugs.

“What’s she got against me? I’ve barely spoke to her!” I frown.

“Before you got here, Jai was showering her with attention and now she’s got no attention she’s obviously trying to cause trouble for you! The absolute bitch! Wait till I see her! Who does she think she is?! When Jai hears he’s going to be fuming!” ranted Georgia.

“Oh god, that explains it! She’s in the same music class as us and when Jai came in, he weirdly put his hand on my back as he said hello, and I winced. She walked past and he said to her ‘rough sex’, but obviously joking! I’d wondered why he’d said it but if he’s been there already he’s obviously making her jealous. Oh no. When Luke walked in, he couldn’t even look at me! Argh, okay I’ll sort this but I’d better move around so Mrs. Jones doesn’t moan!” I walk towards Luke and his partner Macy.

“Hey guys, how’s it going? Do you understand it?” I smile

Luke sighs and Macy replies “Yeah I love this book and I’ve read it before. I love reading love stories!” she sneaks a glance a Luke.

Does she fancy him? What do I even care?

I crouch next to Luke

“I read your letter, sorry I didn’t reply, with everything going on last night, it slipped my mind. I’m really flattered” I say quietly.

I can see him softening until Macy innocently asks “Kayla, I heard you slept with Jai last night?”

Before I can even compute the question Luke’s grabs his stuff and bolts out the door.

I look towards Georgia and she shrugs, I look towards Skip and he’s smirking.

Can this situation get any worse?!


Luke’s POV

“Hey guys, how’s it going? Do you understand it?” I hear Kayla say.

Shit, I didn’t see her coming over. I’m so angry. Not at her, at Jai, he’s so annoying sometimes. All’s I’ve heard all morning is Jai and Kayla this and Jai and Kayla that.

I sigh and Macy my partner for English replies “Yeah I love this book and I’ve read it before. I love reading love stories!” She looks right at me.

I think she fancies me but I only like one girl.

Kayla crouches next to me.

“I read your letter, sorry I didn’t reply, with everything going on last night, it slipped my mind. I’m really flattered.” I hear her say quietly.

I relax a little, it was true after Jai had knocked her over she looked really hurt and obviously that had ruined her evening.

Then I hear the words I’ve been hearing all day

“Kayla, I heard you slept with Jai last night?

My stupid fucking twin. I grab my stuff and run out the door. I don’t know where I’m running to I just need to get out of here to stop hearing all this. I run and run to the place I feel safe and can think.


I tidy up after the end of class and head out deciding whether to go home or not. When I see Alyssandra.

“Can’t you find your own boyfriend Miss?” she asks when I walk past her and her little posse of friends.

“Sandra, you’re so much prettier than her”

“She obviously can’t get her own boyfriend!”

“He’s only interested because she had sex with him one the first day they met”

I was not going to be bullied what so ever. I walked straight up to ‘Sandra’

“Before you start spreading rumours, please have a couple of facts right. I didn’t do anything with Jai, I’m truly sorry that he’s no longer interested in you. Maybe if you showed him you weren’t so immature then maybe he wouldn’t have gone off you so fast.” I turned on my heel and walk away feeling pretty triumphant whilst Alyssandra’s friends gather round her.

Michaela 1 – Alyssandra 0.


I take a deep breath and knock on the door.

“Come in” Mr. Hayward’s voice bellows out.

I step in and give him a smile.

“Hello Michaela, just the person I wanted to see, please take a seat” he smiles.

He’s smiling, so it can’t be bad surely? I sit down on the opposite side of the desk to him and smooth down my dress, gritting my teeth as I put as much pressure on the right side of my body.

“I just want you to congratulate you on nearly making it through your first week here! Only one day to go and I’ve had nothing but good feedback about you! I’m so glad we accepted you here at Penola, you were just right for us. How do you feel like it’s gone?”

“Oh wow Tony, I’m honoured I absolutely love it here! I’ve learnt so much already. I do however need to tell you something before it gets back to you, twisted and manipulated.”

He frowns a bit.

I take a deep breath “Well yesterday I went out for a run, you know how it is majorly therapeutic, and when I got to the park someone knocked me to the ground accidently, it turned out to be Jai Brooks he was with his friends there. He apologised and it was really just an accident so today he was in my first class and he came over to apologise again but without realising he touched my bruise and I winced. I’m not sure why but this has now been brought into an argument between him and another girl and there’s awful rumours going round, that I 100% want to assure you aren’t true. I’m really not one for getting involved in drama but I thought I’d come and see you first about this. I assure you it was fluke that I saw students outside of school and it was a pure accident on Jai’s behalf.”

I stand up and turn round lifting my dress slightly to reveal the bruise and then sit down, wincing again.

He sighs. “Thank you for telling me Michaela, I really appreciate it. I’m 100% on your side as I believe neither you nor Mr. Brooks knew this would be the outcome and I will deal with this accordingly to school standards.” He gives a smile. “Plus it would be a shame to lose you when you’re such an asset to the team but that is one hell of a bruise!”

“Thank you Tony, and I majorly appreciate that! I know it’s all up my left side!”

I leave the office feeling pretty happy.

At least that’s one area of my life that’s sorted.

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