Forbidden Love (Janoskians fanfic)

She's an English girl, he's an Australian boy ... what could possibly go wrong?

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4. Chapter 4 - Twins?!

Chapter 4 - Twins?!

I'd seen Luke around on Tuesday but he pretty much ignored me, whenever I walked past, he'd look me up and down and smile to himself but never made eye contact which was weird but I just tried to ignore it.

Georgia tried to bring up the subject again at home but I just kept changing it back to something about her and she'd forget to harass me about Luke, which I'm glad of. I mean I was 21 and Luke was 18 and he was my student, this couldn't ..... wouldn't work!

Wednesday was a different story. I had Year 12 maths, the teacher was a balding, nearing retirement aged man named Mr. Bradley, his voice was one of them that droned on and on. The bell rang and the students started heading in, I'd taken my place at a desk that had been set up for me again and had my head down rooting through my bag for a chewie when I hear "Hello again" I look up and stare straight into them beautiful brown eyes "oh hey" I smile. I look behind Luke and I notice his friend James, I think his name is, behind him "hi" I smile at him as well.

"Would you gentlemen like to take your seats?" bellowed Mr. Bradley as Luke and James scurried to their seats.

I knew my cheeks had flushed pink, it was the one thing I disliked about myself, it always gave away when I was embarrassed. I don't know why I was always getting embarrassed, it wasn't like I hadn't had male attention before. I'd had a long term boyfriend at home but he couldn't handle me going to Australia and had tried to make me not go so I'd called it off, he knew my dream was to go to Australia, I think he just thought it would never happen. Me and Joe had gone to school together but only became a couple when we were 15. I truly loved him but he didn't even want to try and make it work between us, and judging by his facebook photo's he'd been tagged in, he'd definitely moved on. I felt myself frowning so paid attention to the lesson, jotting notes down as we went along. I look over at Luke and he's staring right at me, I give him a small smile but his eyebrows are raised and he looks concerned. James gives him a nudge to get his attention, they whisper to each other but I can't make out what they're saying but James smirks and nods his head and looks over at me.

"There's going to be a quick 10 minute quiz on what you've learnt today folks, so let's hope you paid attention! It's 20 questions, make sure you clearly mark your name at the top and the date. You've got until the bell goes to answer it, when the bell goes hand Michaela your papers and you can go. She'll be marking them this evening and you'll get your results next class." Mr. Bradley explains, he looks at his watch "you can start"

I look over at Luke and he's scribbling furiously, he stops looks around and gets a piece of paper out of his pocket. Is he cheating?! I see him write something and fold the paper neatly. Weird. I look around the room and everyone's checking over their answers, and I look to James, he's sat with his arms behind his head looking relaxed! Cocky so and so!

The bell rings and suddenly the room is filled with noise and chairs scraping, everyone heads towards me, flinging their papers at me "thanks" I call out as I receive them, suddenly the papers stop and I look up and James and Luke are stood in front of my desk. "Test papers guys?" They pass them to me, James looks at Luke and nudges him "go on" he mutters. Luke looks awkward but passes me the folded piece of paper "here you go" and he turns and runs out the door. James calls after him but before he leaves he shouts goodbye to me.

I took the piece of paper and tucked it into my handbag; I'll read it later I think to myself. I gather all my things together and head out the door just as someone runs round the corner straight into me, knocking me over and everything everywhere.

"Aghhhh" I cry out as I land on the floor with a thud.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry beautiful! Here let me help you up!"

I see a hand offered out to me and take it as I feel a strong arm pull me up and I'm looking into them familiar brown eyes. I look him up and down; he's definitely wearing different clothes.

Mr. Chocolate eyes sees the confusion on my face, "I'm Jai" he smiles the most beautiful smile I've ever seen on a person.

Oh hello blush, you haven't graced my cheeks in the past hour!

He collects all my papers and everything for me.

"Oh erm okay hey, I'm Michaela....Kayla"

"I know" he smiles sheepishly "anyway I'm sorry I've gotta run ... sorry again!

Oh fuck.


I change into my running leggings and sports top showing off my toned stomach and my trainers and grab my iPod. I'm putting my long hair into a pony tail just as Georgia walks past my room.

"What are you up to?" she asks.

"Just going for a run George, need to think a couple of things through" I smile.

"Can I tag on, or do you want to be alone?"

"Yeah you can come but I'll have my headphones in, I'm just jogging to the park and around it, I haven't run since I've been here but I find it therapeutic" I admit.

"That's fine, I need to get motivated to keep fit, this will help! I'll just run alongside you? Give me a couple of minutes to get changed though" she shouts whilst going to her room.

I head downstairs to get two bottles of water out of the fridge and suddenly remember Luke's note. I run upstairs and get the note from my bag and unfold it

'Kayla, I'm sorry I'm so crap at this! I wondered if you wanted to go out with me on like ... a date? Sorry I wrote you a note, I just don't want to be rejected in front of everyone! I've put my number on here as well in hope that you text me?

If not see you in class ...

Luke xxx"

I feel my cheeks hotting up as Georgia stands at my door in a similar matching outfit, "what's that you've got there?"

"Nothing!" I say hastily and shove it back in my bag "ready?"

"Okay?" she looks confused. "And yup please don't leave me behind!"

I giggle as we go downstairs and collect our water and head out the door.


We're nearing the park as we jog side by side both listening to our own music, it's a warm down so we're looking a bit sweaty but that's part of running isn't it?

I take my music out and Georgia copies, "shall we stop for a break?"

"Good idea" she says breathlessly, the fact she's been belting out One Direction all the way here probably didn't help.

We enter the park and we slow down to a jog and we're laughing about something when Georgia shouts "Kayla, look out!"

I manage to look in the direction she is before someone barges into me and I fall flat on my back and someone lands on top of me.

"Ooofh" I moan as I feel the impact.

"We really should stop meeting like this"

I open my eyes, and there they are again, them eyes! His face so close to mine, his body weight pinning me to grass.

"We really should." I say angrily, "if this carries on I'm going to be seriously hurt!"

"I'd never do that to you Princess!" he winks at me.

I let out a giggle but my ribs hurt.

He stares into my eyes for what felt like an eternity but realistically it was about 5 seconds, he starts to lower his face to mine and I don't push him away.

"GET UP OFF HER JAI" an angry Luke shouts and runs over.

"My bad" he smirks and jumps up.

Jai offers me his hand and pulls me up, "I am really sorry Kayla! Me and the boys were messing around, guess I didn't see you!"

I notice 'the boys', I know James and Daniel from school but don't recognise the other one. Jai follows my gaze "oh that's Beau, mine and Luke's older brother"

"Are you hurt?!" interrupts Luke shooting daggers at Jai.

"A little" I admit "but I'm sure I'll live! Nothing a hot bath won't soothe" I smile.

"Need some help washing your back Princess?" Jai laughs.

"I think I'll manage!" I laugh noticing Luke's anger.

Georgia runs up and give me a hug "Kayla, thank god you're okay!"

"Owh owh!" I wince. "Ah shit I'm gonna be bruised tomorrow!"

"Sorry!" she backs off and punches Jai's arm hard. "You are a JERK!"

"Hey hey, I've apologised! I didn't mean to. I'll make it up to you!" He says rubbing his arm and pointing the conversation at me, "I'll promise I'll kiss any bruises that appear, scouts honour!"

I laugh "erm thanks? I guess?"

Luke grabs Jai and pulls him towards the other boys, as they walk away I hear them shouting angrily at each other.

The others are sat on a bench in front of a camera. I wonder what they're doing?

"Shall we go?" Georgia smiles, "can we just walk?"

I giggle "Yeah please!"

We start to head out the park, my hobbling, not as sore ... YET! We break into a small jog and I hear the boys call out "bye" we turn round and wave as they start filming whatever it is they do. I'll have to ask Georgia about that later, I think to myself as Georgia asks me what I think about Daniel.

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